September 2018 ISC Contests' Schedule

Love challenges? Check out this thread daily to know of this month's forthcoming exciting puzzles and quizzes which will test your knowledge & clue-solving analytical skills!

A new month, new beginnings! We are back to schedule some exciting contests, including brain-teasing challenges.

Just keep an eye on this thread every day, through this month. All time-bound contests (those which need to be sent via email within a specific number of hours) will be listed here, an alert being posted two to three days before the actual contest announcement. The specific date and the approximate time will be mentioned of the contest announcement so that everyone gets an equally fair chance in winning the prizes.

First up will be a unique AB Quiz. Intrigued? Wait for the date & time notification...

List of contests -
1. The AB Challenge - 9th September (Sunday) at 11/11.30a.m. (approx. time).
- Announced at 11.17a.m.

[Note: no responses are required in this thread, so it will be kept locked & updated only with upcoming contests' date & time.]