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    The children needs good consultancy but what if the children are copying their parents?

    In most of the cases the children are blamed for their misbehavior & being not respectful for their elders. This doesn't stop here but continues with more additions for being uncompetitive with lack of enthusiasm for doing big in their life. My question is whether the complete blame needs to be put on to the children only or the involvement of the parents should equally be blamed in such occasions with simultaneous actions on both account. But the parents being more exposed to the worldly affairs is having more bigger responsibility to play in comparison to their children who don't' even have stepped onto to the outside world & less mature.
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    The children will start learning from the house only. The parents are their first teachers. So the role of parents in shaping the children is very important. From the beginning, we should behave properly and set an example for the child to learn. If you salute the elders, the child will also do that. If you drink in the house in presence of the child, he/she will also learn to drink.
    While we send them to school, we should monitor them properly and observe them silently. If you feel that they are having any problem with any subject you should provide additional help on that subject by taking interest and teaching or arranging tuition. If any feelers are there about their unwanted activities you should take them seriously and warn them so that they will never go for such habits.
    But if we just send them to school and don't monitor them there is no guarantee that they will become good students. So simply sending them to school or arranging them homeschooling will not be enough for the children. A good parenting is always required for them.

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    Correct,parents are first culprit if children err. In one old Tamil movie a man lift his son shoulder while going on road. The boy on top simply took some bananas from the basket which carried on head by a vendor who came by their side. On alighting the boy the father felt happy on his stealing. Later the boy became a pucca thief and escaped in all situations. Lastly he caught and made stand before magistrate. He awarded jail to this man. The man told magistrate to give punishment to his father as he was correcting but appreciated his first theft.
    In another Tamil film one song was there,'entha kuzhanthaiyum nalla kuzhanthai than mannil pirakkayile, avan nallavan aavathum kettavan aavadhum annai valarkkaiyile' which means 'all children are good enough when born but made as good or bad only on the mother's brought up'.
    So the responsibility for good growth of children is in the hands of parents.

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    Parents are the first teachers of a child and everything the parents do the child copies. In every situation it is true. When the child sees the parent misbehaving with any other person, she/he imbibes the same thing and applies it on to someone else. The wonderful parents always make a child wonderful in nature. It is the duty of both the parents to develop etiquette in their child and to teach them to take up responsibilities.

    Many parents do not spend quality time with their child, which is of utmost importance during the child's growth. Along with physical development the mental development is also equally important and should not be neglected. There is a tendency among parents to discuss anything and everything in front of the child, which must be avoided. A child is very sensitive and pays attention to everything. A child picks up things very fast, so every adult involved in the day-to-day activities of a child must be very careful so that the child doesn't pick up any behaviour that is unacceptable to the society.


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    The mind of a child is like a blank slate. Whatever he sees happening in his environment he picks them fast and adopts. When he starts going to school and outside world then he begins to learn from those places and from those people also.

    In this respect the responsibility of parents is the primary thing in shaping a child's behaviour and manners.

    Very few parents take this seriously and always say that they have no role in this and child will grow as per his or her destiny. This is simply to shirk from their responsibilities.

    What to say of a child even a mature person is known by the company he keeps. So environment is s big factor in shaping the future of a child.

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    Parents are best teachers for any child and they learn many things from the parents. Good nature, how to talk with respect, how to behave with respect, how to be patient and not disturb others and above all sharing with others must be inculcated. The other day my boss grand daughter was 4 years old and celebrated her birthday. She brought costly chocolates to be given to every one. Normally children are fond of chocolates and they wont spare to others and keep for them. But this child gave and shared the chocolates to every one and found smiling and happy. I was really carried away by her behavior and immediately asked her mother as to when she developed the habit of sharing with others. She said that from 1 year onward she has been taught to share and eat with every child she comes in contact with. That is the good habit created.
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