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    The road that charges the electric cars while travelling

    The world's first road that recharges the batteries of cars and trucks driving on it has been opened in Sweden. About 2km of electric rail has been embedded in a public road near Stockholm. The government has already made a roadmap for future expansion.
    This technology will solve the problem of keeping the electrical vehicles charged. The batteries for these cars will also become cheap so that many people can afford it.
    There will be a movable arm attached to the bottom of the vehicle. Through this, the battery will get charged when this arm comes in contact with the electric rail. When the vehicle has to overtake another vehicle, the arm will get lifted automatically.
    A good development to reduce the dependence on fuel. It is eco-friendly also as there will not be carbon gases release.
    When will we have such a facility? I think not in the near future.
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    Wah! It is only for 2 Kms. We Indians need roads for many thousand kilometers to be electrified to get our vehicles to run on batteries. As it is, we are paying heavy tolls for the four way lanes laid by government with the help of private agencies. Just think, what would be the condition if they lay electrified roads in our country. We may have to pay through our noses. I am sure this present generation won't be witnessing that scene in India.
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    The condition of the roads here in India is pitiable. There is always an excitement to start something new here, but when it comes to maintenance we look the other way. In many rural areas, proper roads are not constructed so this project seems to be a dream for us at this juncture. People talk of their difficulties, vent their anger through different medias regarding the condition of roads, but the administration's response is always tardy. But we are hopeful and someday this may become a reality in our country too.

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    Sweden has demonstrated a great leap of technology albeit for a small length of road.

    In our country there is a great potential for electric vehicles but we are still struggling for the setting up of battery charging stations and battery replacement stations just like petrol and diesel refuelling stations.

    The public sector company GAIL is attempting in this direction to set up such facility alongside the existing petrol pumps. At present it is only in conceptual stage.

    As ours is a large and populous country what we require is anything on massive scale for common masses.

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    Really great that the world has now started recognizing the alternate way of energy to run the vehicles and the electric ones are the best bet. Over the years the researchers has been trying ways and means on how to combat the shortage of electric current to the vehicle amidst long distance travel and traffic. The current arrangement of 2km distance charging of battery is really a welcome step and long needed demand of the electric vehicle users. But I fear mere 2 km stretch wont be enough and there would virtual rush on that path charging so there must be ways and means to create the same facility in other stretch too. Otherwise the batteries with long lasting life has to be invented and created. In India too there is need of popularizing the electric vehicles as the fuel costs of petrol and diesel are raising with galloping speed.
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