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    Dr APJ Abdul Kalam - This write up is for you!

    Since my childhood, you were the person I adored. It all started when I was asked to play your role in the school skit due to my short hair and long nose. Few said, at that age, there was a slight resemblance to him.

    I grew up with the dream of meeting you someday. Alas! that always will remain a dream. But Sir, you will always live in my heart.

    When I read your book Wings of Fire during school days, you made me feel that there was no dream that was unachievable. You have inspired and taught me a lot through your books and speeches that you have given.

    A wonderful president, scholar, scientist, professor and a very humble and down to earth person.

    On this day, I remember the lessons taught by my teachers about you. We are proud to have lived at a time when you were there.

    I know its just not me, there are millions out there who still misses you and adores you.

    My biggest dream remains unfulfilled but yes you remain alive in my or rather our hearts forever!
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    The missile man of India, APJ Abdul Kalam, is a person who worked for the country and worked for the cause of science. He is the man who is responsible for today's position of India in satellite launching. He is the person who made a bridge between DRDO and ISRO. He used his talent for the development of various long-range missiles.
    I had the opportunity of meeting him once in my life during his visit to SHAR Centre, Sriharikota. I had the opportunity of working with one of his colleagues and roommate. I and his roommate were together on the board of a company.
    Every Indian will remember him forever for his way of life. He is a good human being. Many young people of these days should read his books which will inspire them.

    always confident

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    A wonderful thread to remember the legend. His teachings and speeches are inspiration to all of us. His own life is an example of greatness. He was so simple and down to earth, yet held the highest position in this country. He realized that students are the future of a nation and always spent time with the students whenever he got a chance. For his friendly attitude and humbleness, the students were also eager to meet him and ask questions related to variety of topics. His work on the missile technology is known to all of us and he also proposed many methods for our country's all round development. He was a great teacher in all aspects and my salute to him on this special day. Dr. Kalam will be remembered by everybody for his work and the student community will miss him badly at this very crucial time.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    What a dream of that great man on this earth. What an inspiring speech he delivered to the student community. Today, I watched one of his video where he delivered his lecture. He gave importance to the word possible, and not impossible. He questioned the audience -" If Mahatama Gandhi said that freedom was not possible, could we get freedom? If Vikram Sarabai, my Guru said that space mission was not possible, could we have the Indian satellites on the space?" and many more questions that was accepted and applauded by the audience.

    @ A great teacher of this world. We should stand erect and salute him on the Teachers Day.

    No life without Sun

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    Nice write up by the author dedicating to the great personality of this era late Dr Abul Kalaam. Probably the most simple man and yet with abundant knowledge I have noticed after father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi is none other than Kalaam sir. He was the inspiration to many and especially the student communities. Where ever the meetings are held, he used to give advise to the students and interact with them. In Hyderabad I had attended his lecture at the Narayanamma College and that was truly inspiring. He always wanted young people to dream big. By dreaming big,we are creating a path to achieve some thing more than the expected. And there are people who strive to make the dream come true. Such kind of preaching is missing from the present day leaders and we really miss the great personality or the Missile man as we affectionately call him.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Neethu, he deserves respect. A great personality and a nice human being. It is so great of you to have remembered this great soul on the occasion of Teacher's Day! ( Sorry for the belated response). He taught us what we ought to be!
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    He is the one of the best presidents of India those spent all their life to make the incredible India. He is alive in our mind and we just need to keep alive his thinking and attitude.

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