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    We mocked earlier but now following in different way

    Earlier people were using betal leaves frequently but then youngsters mocked and commented but now they are using chewing gums. It is is more pity to state that an advertisement in tv, one young girl asking address to a boy who without reply immediately open a chewing gum packet and start chewing and ask what you want. The girl lost herself in the aroma.
    Similarly earlier people were commented on using burnt ashes ,using neem stick for brushing teeth but now the paste manufacturer added charcoal,neem introduced brush with charcoal, neem -that too with pride.
    We people made fools by seeing,following them
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    The earth is round. We will practice certain things. Over a period of time, they will get outdated and people will forget that. But after some time the same practice will start in a little different way with a different name altogether. This is natural. We were using Colgate kinds of toothpaste. Slowly Pantajali brought the herbal kinds of toothpaste. These pastes are nothing but the tooth powders earlier we were using but changed to the paste form. Like this our old practices will come back in a different shape.
    We read that during the stone age people are eating only leaves, raw vegetables and fruits. But in between many types of foods are evolved. But these days we observe many people eating raw vegetables and leaves in the name of Vegetable salad. This is something like old wine in a new bottle.

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    We are exhausted and saturated. Hence we are returning back to be with the past. Chewing paan is good for health. Betal leaves can help diabetics. Neem and charcoal are best for the teeth. Apart from this, we have shifted to 'Mann paanai cooking'(earthen vessel cooking) for taste and for healthy living.

    @ No doubt, we are going back to the good old past era.

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    Yes Indian formulas which were used earlier in Ayurveda, Siddha and in kitchen by our grand mothers are being revived and brought back with great push from MNC's. When Patanjali came with Ayurvedic tooth paste Dantkanti , the Colgate which was selling topmost has lost the market. And now they brought in Divya Shakthi having Ayurvedic proprietary medicine. That means there is no other way for the tooth paste manufacturers who have to tow the idea of Ayurvedic ingredients in their products , otherwise they would be kicked out of the market. So even new mothers should follow the desi tips given by elders.
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