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    When the Telangana voters given full term mandate for TRS, why the party wants to go for polls ?

    As per the law, the TRS government has still 9 months more time to rule before the elections comes in May next year. But for the past 10 days there has been talk about dissolving the assembly and going for early polls. When the people have given the TRS party a full term, what prompted CM KCR to go for early polls. The elected representative would loose their salaries, there would be no governance for at least 6 months and the on going welfare schemes would be put on hold. What is your say on this decision by the Telangana government ?
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    Only the members from Telengana will be able to answer your question. Only the politicians and voters belonging to the state knows the state politics well. However, what I think is - It could be an astrologer who would have suggested KCR of TRS to go to polls now to be victorious as the time could be bad for KCR after nine months.

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    I think it is a mere wastage of public money for political gains. If anyone got the clear mandate for 5 years, there is no necessity of going for early Polls. This provision should be removed from our Constitution. Unless there exists a critical condition from which there is no escape, there should not be any early Polls. Even earlier also in Andhra Pradesh, Chandra Babu Naidu had gone for early Polls to gain political mileage, which got boomeranged and similarly NTR had gone for early Polls to show his strength. Politicians are thinking that the Nation and the States as their own Estates.

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    Here KCR is trying to travel on 2 boats with one leg on each boat for his political advantage. He wanted the support of MIM in state elections. So he has to go against BJP. If he waits till next year May BJP may become strong in the state. Already Congress is a little better than earlier. If he wants to have an understanding with BJP in MLA elections he may lose MIM support. So he wanted to keep state election much before MP elections. Once he wins in the state, during MP election he can support BJP and even he can join in ministry. That moment MIM can't do anything. I think this is the understanding he made with PM during his recent visit to Delhi. It is good for BJP also as there is no other South State which will support them in MP elections and their overall tally of MPs from South will be very less. If TRS MPs support BJP that will be an advantage to BJP also.
    This is purely for retaining his rule for the next 5 years KCR is planning this. He already promised that all the present MLAs and MPS will get party tickets for the next elections. So there is no loss for them. They never bother about the loss to the public.

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    Probably KCR was afraid of BJP surge if one nation one poll rule is brought by Next year beginning and hence this venture.
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