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    Is it time for us to have a break from participating in the 'Social media'?

    An article in the Times of India published today has prompted me to post this thread with a changed title. It briefly envisages the spreading of various diseases because of the excessive use of electronic gadgets and focused participation in various online Forums. It also suggested some tips like limited use of the Mobile phone, not using a computer for more than three hours a day, switching off all electronic gadgets during your meals time and ensuring cleanliness of your mobile phone as it is also a source of infection.

    Apart from the above health issues, we are all getting addicted to these online discussions giving lesser importance to our personal front, taking issues seriously and taking sides to prove worthy of our arguments. Earlier the so-called 'idiot box' has distanced us from our immediate neighborhood while this 'Social Media' today has been alienating everyone within our own circle or relations/friends.

    Is it time for us to have a break from participating in the 'Social media' by declaring a 'Social media holiday'?
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    Social media participation has become a mania these days. Starting for a 5 years child to an old man of 90 years, everybody is concentrating more on social media. Reading the post. Hitting on Like or posting a comment. An easy way of living.
    Especially youth are wasting their productive time in this activity. They live in a virtual world more than the normal world. They spend a lot of time on this social media and avoid going to schools and colleges. There is no use in wasting time on this sites.
    The fake news will unnecessarily spread around. Sometimes innocent people are getting affected because of this news. So I think It is the high time people should come out of that social media and live a peaceful real life with their family members and friends.

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    Well having self control on any matter is the take here. Even I am very much involved and active in social media , but I am there during the time I am with ISC , and thus there is no extra time given for social media. Moreover, I post my views and comments on trending issues only. I never give credence to fake news spreading groups and I am away from it. I like the Twitter more than the Whatapp or Facebook since it has the wide participation of people cutting across every profession.
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    Well. If we could control every thing within a time frame, the negative consequences of social - media canbe diluted considerably. But there exists a disparity between our sayings and the ways how the same is implemented practically in our daily life. It is easy to understand the demerits of excessive indulgence of social media resulting in weakening the family -bond, apathy towards our social responsibilities but once the level has has crossed beyond the unmanageable level, it slowly grips the sufferer a silent mental disease thus loosing hard earned money, a well paid job once enjoyed by them and above all the friend circle which strengthened the bond of love.
    Social media indulgence is all right with its limited use and sometimes messagings are required to be sent to our acquaintences to mark happiness on the eve of birth day or celebrating a grand event. In that event, it appears justifiable.

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    We are addicted to social media nowadays instead of being social in reality and we truly are becoming the 'so called social beings'. Due to this addiction many important aspects of life are becoming secondary. It is hampering every kind of relationships, be it husband-wife, parents-child or close friend. The kids find their parents busy with the gadgets and active in different social media platforms which in turn leaves no option to the kids other than joining the bandwagon. Less time is spent on human interactions which is absolutely necessary for any relationship.

    Actually we are so compulsive to be online that we are becoming less interested in offline activities. All types of gadgets are invented for our convenience but we are making it a habit of being dependent on those gadgets. The interesting part of social media is that we are not sure of the other individual's identity. There are instances of getting duped after developing friendship in social media. Yesterday only, I raised a thread about being judgemental without verifying the facts and this tendency is spreading because of indiscriminate use and also misuse of the social platforms. When somebody is addicted to something, it becomes difficult to come out of it. It needs self realization to come out of any addiction and the same is applicable here too. We need to find ways ourselves to balance things. A 'Social media holiday' may be a good practice to start with.


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    A good thread raised by the author to discuss one of the important issues of modern times.

    Social media has become a way of life for the people. On every issue there is a debate and people are already biased in their opinion as they are either aligned to a particular political party or do not have a clear picture of the problem.

    Problems are not solved by discussions. They require good Govt governance and cooperation from the citizens. We are short-sighted in our vision and think only of today. We have no planning to make our future brighter. We make Govt responsible for everything and when we are in the place of implementing authority, we shirk from our responsibilities.

    It is definitely a time to take break from the social media and utilize that time in some creative activity.

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    If we are able to make a permanent break from social networks, then we'll regain our collective and individual intelligence. Only those who do business may find advantage, but all individuals are just being herded on like dumb cattle by the owners of the social networks.

    Each person has signed a contract to give ownership to the photos they post online there. They inadvertently lose their originality and thinking as they get guided by the recommendations posted that supposedly suits their preferences. But worst of all is that each person sells out their friends/relatives utterly.
    Take for example the terms and conditions. They say they will never use your info for any purpose and maintain your privacy. This is true and they do legally. What they do not say is that they take in all info about each of your friends and sell, make profit, build a database, profile them and anything else they do.

    Lets take an example of one person A who has only 2 friends B and C; and the 3 people have 2 friends each so that there are no other people friends with A, B and C.
    The social networks will not take info from A but scrape info of B and C. From the account of B, they scrape out info of A. So now all 3 people's info is taken and without violating agreements. But each individual is taken for a ride and deceived.

    Facebook has asked banks in the USA to give them detailed customer information so they can make some specialized services. In India, these social network icons are stuck in every bank site and several government sites. Why would any sane person want to link themselves and their info with these platforms?

    In alternate media, the social networks are seen to be arms of the western intelligence agencies. The owners of each company has shares in each other companies, so they are all in it together. So in the interest of national security, we'd be doing a favor to just close all accounts with social networks. They will probably lose money big time and face their consequences.

    Please don't start saying these help in time of trouble to spread info – if facebook and twitter etc were not there, the government would be forced to develop its own public service networks and do the same without the foreign hand in it. But the american based networks only push things that suit their agendas. They do not provide public info services in areas like Venezuela or Syria or Iran or many African nations. They use their control over the masses to push fake news and try to topple legitimate governments around the world who do not toe their will.

    Best thing to do is break the yoke of social networks from our lives and live free and true.

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