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    Will you participate if I organise "Kaun Banegaa Crorepati"at ISC forum?

    I have a plan to organize a 'Kaun banegaa Crorepathi' contest at ISC. It will be conducted in the same manner like the real KBC conducted by Mr AB. Few information in advance.

    1.Volunteering members will be asked to intimate their time of availability to participate.
    2.Only one member for a day. The day/date and time,and the member who will participate will be intimated in advance. They should remain in ISC Forum and watch for my question to answer them. They will be required to stay on line for a maximum of one hour.
    3.The questions will be objective with four choice answers.
    4. Participant will have to post his/her answer within 2 (two) minutes, If failed, they will be asked to pack up with their points earned. (Kindly avoid referring the net for answers)
    5. A total number of 10 questions will be posted one after the other after receiving the responses.
    6. Members posting wrong answers will be asked to pack up with the points scored.
    7. Following will be the virtual points awarded.
    Q1. 100, Q2. 500, Q3. 1000, Q4. 5000, Q5. 10,000, Q6. 25000, Q7, 50000, Q8. 1 lac. Q9 50 lac. Q10. 1 crore.

    After the contest, the top earner will be announced and awarded prizes from ISC's virtual gift shop. Other members too can gift the winners from the ISC's virtual gift shop.

    Are you ready? Indicate your willingness in this thread with your valuable comments/suggestion/doubts/queries.
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    I am ready to participate and my time of availability will be between 5.30 pm to 7.30 daily and the author can choose a date and inform me the slot.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    I am not very good in General Knowledge. So I fear I may not fare well. Anyhow before taking a decision, I want some clarifications regarding the contest. In KBC programme, there are 3 or 4 lifelines. Are you giving any such lifelines in this contest? There are some slots where we can retire with the money earned without proceeding further. Are you planning any such quitting in this contest also? If we save some time in some questions, you allow this unutilised time for other questions. If I answer first 5 questions within 5minutes, can I utilise the 5 minutes in answering the remaining questions? Please try to clarify the above doubts so that there will be more clarity for the people who want to contest.
    always confident

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    No. Dr Rao,
    The time is very important. If more time is given, there are chances of browsing the net to get the correct answer, as everything is available there. Hence it is not possible to have any lifeline to get the answer. It is a straight forward contest for fun and joy. Leftover time cannot be carried forward or accumulated.

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    Ok. I will also try my best. I will participate. Please give me the schedule before so that I can tell you whether that time is convenient for me or not. Monday and Tuesday are not possible for me. In the remaining days in the evening after 6 PM is OK for me. But I request you to inform me of the time at least one day before. Let me try my luck.
    always confident

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    It will be really interesting to participate in the contest. Before participating, I need to hone my skills of GK. Since it's online, there will be every chances of getting online help, so the time limit of two minutes is a good option. Presently I won't be able to mention the time of being online, but after final announcement I will try to manage a slot for it.

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    So far, I could get only three members who have shown their interest to participate ( K Mohan, Dr. Srinivasa Rao and Sankalan Bhatttacharya).

    I expect a minimum of seven members to participate in this contest.

    @ I sincerely hope that more members will show their interest to participate, before this thread gets old by ten days.

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    I am eagerly waiting for the grand opening of this contest. I think two minutes are enough. 10 questions and point system are also looking good. I hope after first contest, we may suggest more changes in the format. Up to now it's ready to start.

    Sunday noon is much better day for the contest. But if everybody is comfortable, I would like to play any day after 9 pm. Please inform us before a day via personal notification if possible.

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    Dear Members,
    If such a contest like KBC is organized by ISC with attractive cash credits, I hope, huge number of members will pour in as volunteer to participate. Any way, my attempt to conduct a KBC model contest will be a sample contest, and will be watched and understood by the ISC admin, and they might organize their own contest show in future.

    The Prize I suggest is.
    1st Question - Rs.1/-, Second question - Rs. 2/-, Third question Rs. 5/-. Fourth Rs. 10/-, Fifth Rs. 20/-, Sixth Rs. 50/- Seventh Rs. 75/-, Eighth Rs.100/-, Ninth Rs. 200/- , Tenth and Final Rs. 500/-

    I sincerely hope that my this dream will come true one day. We shall overcome one day or someday with ISC hosting KSB for ISCians.

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    Good suggestion from the author as the prize amount suggested is under the target of ISC and the admin can take note of it to organize such game at least in future.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Dear Members,
    Further to my # 647775. It would be ideal if ISC conducts KBC regularly on every Sunday. It should be for only one member on the hot seat. The Time of conduct and the name of the participating member can be announced in advance. So that, all will be ready to watch the contest at that particular time. Also, ISC gets enough time to prepare the 10 questions for that week. Hope ISC will consider my proposal.

    No life without Sun

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    This is a good suggestion from the author. A fixed time and day can be decided in a week. The name of the participating member can be decided by the ISC and announce. If the selected member is having any problem he can inform in advance so that another member's name can be declared. Let us wait for the response from the concerned.
    always confident

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    More than putting up a suggestion, I think the author was actually hinting at the low number of interested members in this contest.

    However, regarding the suggestion, I personally feel that it would not be feasible for ISC, as a site, to conduct such a contest. Would it be proper to just select a member in a week without going through any process and then award him/ her with cash rewards? If ISC is to hold such a contest, they would have to hold some sub-contests to select the participants and the again conduct another sub-contest to select a person to the hot seat and so on which would not be practical taking the cumbersome process involved. It would be time-consuming too.

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    We need not be a copycat of KBC. Yet we can do it at ISC if we wish to do so. ISC has very limited forum active members, There may be few who are not interested. Hence we should first call for the volunteers to participate. Then post a question to select the required number of participants. Say 10. Then post a question to get them in sequence. Take one member participant in their order on every Sunday to sit on the hot seat, and conduct the contest.

    @ Remember, It is very simple. Where there is a will, there is always a way. Moreover, the feasibility of organizing such contests should come out from our Managing Editor, because, an editor never conducts such contests at ISC.

    Sincerely tell me, whether you have conducted any single quiz contest at ISC so far? I am sure, your answer will be a big 'NO'.

    My simple, humble and sincere request to ISC admin is - ISC editors, especially the forum editors, should be (t)asked to organize at least a minimum of one quiz competition once in six months.

    No life without Sun

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