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    Easy understanding the reduction in value of rupee

    For the past few days, newspapers give special importance to the reduction in value of Indian currency-INR or Indian Rupee viz-a-viz USDollar. Explaining that may involve technical jargons .
    But the same is illustrated in a more self explanatory way here with real illustration.( Picture given as attachment) The comparison here is with the rupee itself i different years. Hope it suffices.
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    But what is the present position of the rupee with that of dollar was not specified here. The illustration shows the details up to 2009 only.
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    The present value of a dollar is almost equal to 72 rupees. This is lowest ever value of the rupee. This is good for the people who are exporting material from India to other countries. But for imports, it is not encouraging.
    The physical measurements of the coins and the notes are also coming down as the value of the rupee comes down. Before independence, the value of a dollar is one rupee only.

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    My aim was just make a light humour out of the highly technical matter. The coins and currency notes for various denominations have gradually shrunk in size. The old one thousand note was such a big sized note, that the present day 2000 rupee does not come anywhere near that.
    So I was humorously highlighting such 'shrinkage' in the real size of our coins and currency when we talk about the exchange value.
    To have good value of our rupee against other currencies, especially USD is to minimise our imports and become self reliant and exporters of goods and services. We have to be a surplus earner of foreign exchange. As every one knows our oil import bill is the main culprit in this regard.
    Self sacrifice and self reliance are needed in this regard. The liberalised economy policy has landed our country into such a situation that government has only very limited scope to interfere in the 'free'market. It needs the people's strong will and efforts.

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