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    Which course is better after completing 12th?

    I am passed 12th and I want to join college and I am in confusion about which course is better.
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    There are many avenues to proceed after 12th class. The decision is to be taken by the individual based on his interest and liking. You can go to engineering. You can go to science or commerce or arts graduation course. You can also go for diploma in engineering. You can go for medicine or other related subjects like veterinary science, Ayurvedic medicine, Homoeopathy medicine, Dental course. Even you can go for agriculture science or BBA or BCA. Even you can try for jobs like clerical posts in banks and other areas. You can go for D. Ed. These are all the choices before you. You can also think of a certificate from industrial training Institutes(ITI) from recognised institutes for any trade you like.
    Now, what is the subject you studied in 12th, what is your favourite subject and in which line you are interested?
    Based on the answers you get from these questions you have to make a decision and proceed in that direction.

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    You are the right person to choose the course. Because, plus two is completing the school level education. Next is choosing the college level course. Perhaps, you would have chosen a subject of specialisation at the 12th itself. It may be like Maths/ biology/ commerce/ computer science, etc. If so your next choice will depend on that. Maths people can opt for engineering or technical courses (this may include degree programmes in maths/physics/chemistry/ etc. Also Engineering field is open to them, with different specializations. At the same time for biology background the selections are between Medical field and degree programmes in biology related subjects. There specialized courses such as Veterinary, fisheries, agriculture, horticulture, forestry, etc. For commerce groups Chartered accountancy, commerce and related courses are open. Of course Computer related courses need mathematical knowledge. Any way vast selections are in front of you. You must choose based on your interest.

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    After class 12 there are many areas where one can plan his future career but until unless one has a clear understanding about his interests and aptitudes, it may not be an easy task to do.

    If one is pursuing a career just because one's parents asked him to do so then it does not make any sense. It should be very clear where our interest lies and where we can perform better.

    I had one cousin who was asked to do Intermediate in science stream. He was very reluctant but under force from parents joined it and sonehow passed with bare minimum marks.

    Afterwards he switched to humanities and after graduation did his Masters in History and got a position in the University.

    Later he did his PhD also and got lecturership in a reputed university. He was associated with many social and environmental issues and was even awarded Padma Shri.

    So find out your area of interest where you can excel. Do your best and make a career.

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    you haven't mention which stream u had studied in 12th class either particular few courses could have been recommended. medical/engineering/arts/humanities/design/diploma- see first focus on whatever subject you have interest in and you can perform good in that field in future as beginning of graduation will take you forward to a good career and job.

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    Normally a student get attracted to a particular stream during the 10th class itself and under the guidance and help of the parents he would achieve the goal. In fact you made late as the two classes after 10th are the basics for the future higher studies to which one has to decide at 10th level itself. By the way no body can force you or suggest you to take this stream or that stream, after all it is you who is going to create a way for the future higher studies. Nevertheless after 12th you can opt for degree courses in commerce, arts and science too. But for science stream you must have the interest in maths and science subjects. Please consult your parents who are the best guide and can give best support and sort out what to take. There would be so many suggestions from the relatives and friends and the ultimate decider would be you and your parents.
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