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    Is whole wheat bread is better than white bread? Why?

    Earlier, in the bakeries, we used to see only white bread, and there was never whole wheat bread or brown bread. But, in these days, we could see the shops filled with whole wheat bread or brown bread. Why it is so? what is the speciality in whole wheat bread? what it contains that is not contained in white bread? Also, I Would like to know what is the grain used to make Paav, Bun, Parota and Chapathi?
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    All the products you have mentioned are wheat products only. Brown bread is the bread made by using brown wheat. When we use rice also we use brown rice or white rice. Same way in wheat also there will be brown wheat and white wheat. White bread is made of superfine white wheat. Brown bread is made with brown wheat. Whole wheat bread is made of correctly polished wheat. They are not brown and at the same time, they are not superfine also. This is the difference I know.
    These days even in the rice we eat we are getting three varieties of rice. Brown rice, white rice and superfine white rice. Now the concept is that brown rice is good for health.

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    White bread is made from maida, which is a processed flour. Maida has no nutritional value, it is devoid of fibre and is very high in carbohydrates. It provides you with empty calories. It has a high Glycaemic Index, which means it breaks down fast and this causes blood sugar levels to shoot up.

    Whole wheat bread is made from flour made from the wheat grain. It is rich in nutrients and better for health.

    Read the labels on the bread packet carefully. Don't be cheated by wheat flour, mentioned as an ingredient. Maida, is wheat flour too, look for whole wheat flour in the list of ingredients.

    Commercially available pavs, buns and parottas are made from maida. Though parotta maybe made from whole wheat flour – read the label to check the main ingredients. Chapati is traditionally made from whole wheat flour, but ready-to-eat chapatis sold in packets may contain maida.

    It is difficult to make bread, pav and buns with whole wheat flour. You will not get the same softness as maida gives to these food items. Commercially, available whole wheat bread also contains maida, along with the whole wheat flour.

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    White bread is made up with maida which is tastier but does not have good nutrition.

    On the other hand whole grain bread contains good fibre and nutrients and is a better healthy food than white bread.

    Nowadays people are conscious of health so they are switching from white bread to whole grain bread.

    Pav, bun and parotha can be made with maida or unprocessed flour but those made with maida are tastier. Most of bakery items are made with maida. Due to less fibre and microfine structure maida is not good for digestion.

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    What I feel that many people are averse to use Maida which may cause health problems in long runs and where as the whole wheat bread which also has the ingredients of other pulses is rich in taste and the children would like it instantly. Moreover the bread is the light intake which keeps the hungry away and healthy too it the wheat ingredients are present to sustain the hungry for long hours. And I have seen invariably that whole wheat bread if taken with jam, is the sure shot liking for the children who hate other food when they are rushing to the schools early in the morning and hence preferred. Some families does not want drowsiness to set in the children if they are served with rice related items like Idly, Dosa or even Upma and thus prefer to give wheat bread for having activeness in the class and in lunch they prefer to give the rice items.
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