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    Why we waste natural resources and discard things indiscriminately?

    When it comes to wasting and discarding things, we are the champions. We waste them without thinking about the consequences. We waste food, at restaurants, at parties and at times even at our homes. We waste water at random. There is a scarcity of water in many parts of the country, but we continue to ignore. In many households there are leakages in the taps inside the bathrooms or kitchens. Few people have the habit of keeping the tap open while brushing the teeth. We talk about development and corruption all the times, but do we think of protecting the natural resources? This wastage is not limited to rural areas only and widespread among the urban areas too, where the concentration of 'educated people' is much higher. During our school/college days we have studied the ill effects of wasting any natural resource and nowadays children are actively participating in different campaigns to make people aware of it. Still many people remain ignorant in spite of all these campaigns.

    Another strange habit is disposal of unwanted things. Littering things here and there is prevalent in many localities in the absence of a proper garbage disposal mechanism. What is most surprising is even after relentless campaign by environmentalists and local governing bodies, people still throw different items after Pujas in rivers and water bodies. They throw flowers, burnt incense sticks, pots and all materials required for the procedure of performing a particular ritual in the water, not to mention the immersion of the clay idols of different gods/goddesses after the Pujas. People have sentiments attached to every ritual, but why the attitude still remains to harm the nature and waste natural resources? Do we have any answer?
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    It is really unfortunate that we do not have a sense of keeping our environment clean and tidy.

    I have seen in many parties that after taking the enough starters, people just waste the main course and this has been so common that a huge wastage of food is there daily in our country.

    In a developing country this is a criminal act but we are doing it and our young generation is learning and copying it from us.

    Knowledge is power.

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    This is a major problem we are facing throughout the world. This is because of the attitude of some people who want to get maximum profit from everything in which they invest. They do not consider about others' problems. A multi storied flat will be constructed in an open area perhaps made out of a paddy field or a lake. That means the production of rice is affected negatively, or water storage area is destroyed for ever. Like this every actions these days are destroying the Nature.
    In order to construct a building or a bridge or a road etc. granite metals are needed in large quantities. That implies the rocks, mainly found in hilly areas, are broken and quarries are made. This affects the hills and surrounding forests. Naturally the rain water storage is badly affected.
    Water is something which is needed for every living organisms including man. But no one is giving much importance to that when we use it. Water wastage is seen everywhere. One can see leaking taps everywhere. There is a small calculation which will show how much water is wasted through this leaking taps. Suppose a tap which leaks ten drops of water in a minute, will drip about three litres of water a day. Within one week it will become 21 litres and in a month around 90 litres. If you look into houses you can see several taps leaking. Similar is the case with public taps. Thousands or more litres of water get wasted like this. Knowingly also people waste in necessarily. When we urinate we flush the toilet. That means just for washing about a hundred ml of urine we waste three to five litres of water.
    Only a few cases are discussed here. If we look around us we can see similar wastage taking place in every field.


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    I do appreciate the author concern on the subject matter. But we the Indians are having very bad habit that if we do one wastage , what matters to the society. This very bad thought has spoiled many and that is continuing. It is known fact that banana peel is dangerous as there are every chance of human being and even vehicles can skid horribly causing great injuries, still people who are going by bus do throw the peels though they know well the impending danger to the road users. But who has to correct the erring persons. By the time one wants to warn the person, either the bus moves away or we do not know the right person who done that. Like Swachaa Bharath , even this matter has to be taken into public in big way. Yes I am totally against the leaking pipes in the homes which needs to be attended immediately. But I have seen people wont care and because one family the entire apartment has to suffer for water shortage.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is true. Many of us are wasting many national resources. As an Individual, you may be having the right to waste your money but you will not have any right in wasting the natural resources. But this fact is not understood by many people.
    Many of us will waste water, food and we don't have any concern for fellow human beings and also to Nature. We feel that we are having every right to waste them. We all know the water resources are coming down very fast. Many of us are purchasing drinking water. We may have to purchase water for other usages also in the near future.
    We know many of the people are starving for food. Many people are not blessed with two meals a day. Even after a struggle for the whole day they are not able to get the required food. So why should we waste the food? Why can't we see that the food which is excess with you will be passed on to the needy?
    Many people never care about the cleanliness of the roads. They clean their houses and put the rubbish on the roads. That is the problem in our country. If they collect the waste from their houses and see that it will be handed over to the people who are coming for the collection of the domestic waste.
    The concern of the author is to be appreciated.

    always confident

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