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    It seems I am the only Night Owl in ISC!

    There is a popular quote that says "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise". I find all the members of ISC follow this quote diligently and feel that I am the only exception here. At times I post threads at the middle of the night and reply to different threads too. Earlier, I thought that most of the people who write blogs or articles online as well as offline work till the late hours of night. May be few of the members of ISC do work till late hours also but members do not post in the forum section during this time. Everybody has a routine to follow and has a specific time allocated to a particular work. When I was somewhat active on the social media platforms I found many of my friends online during the night hours and discussed with younger people about the reasons of staying awake till late at night. They said the calm and peaceful atmosphere during the nighttime helps to concentrate more on studies. Though there is no concrete proof of increased concentration during late-night hours, many students do their studies at the late hours. Since ISC is very popular among students, I am sure many students surf this site during late hours too. I am trying to figure out why there are no forum posts during late night hours. Maybe the other members will be able to provide some clues.
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    Yes I have been following you in recent past and seen that you have been raising the posts and responses in the mid of the night and even this post is raised at 1 am. Initially I thought you may be having night duties at the office and thus make you to have access at this hour. My kind advise, please do not compromise the sleep and at least have 6 hours of good sleep so that the next 24 hours should be without any fatigue or laziness. And by the way there are members who have posted threads up to 12 am and for the first time I came across your posts which are in mid night. Though it may be record but do not make it a habit. And in our site the active members are not students and they wont raise posts or respond to the threads at odd hours as they are conscious about their health and good sleep aspect. So keep healthy first and then everything next.
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    Fine, if you continue the same zeal, you would be the prospective ISCian in near future. It so happens in everyone's case that the enthusiasm won't last long due to many factors. In the initial days, we focus on points and try to gather as possible as we could by posting as many threads as possible. Later, we may be tired or may be getting relaxed or other personal factors may influence which lead to slow down our innings in ISC. It happened in my own case where I became a Diamond member (reaching the mile stone of scoring 10000 points) within 9 months of my debut in ISC without compromising in quality and by contributing in various sections including 'My India'. The score graph started slowing down later due to personal problems and also other factors like uncomfortable Forum discussions.

    Hope you would continue here with your consistence and qualitative contributions. Adjust your timings and don't try to log into the system at the cost of your sleep and health. All the best.


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    Generally, my day starts at 5.30 AM and will be over by 10.30PM. Very rarely I will be awake after 10.30 PM. 7 hours I will be sleeping only. I will not open my computer after 9.30 PM. This is how I got habituated. After getting up in the morning I will complete my routines by 9 AM. After that, I will be in the office. From 9 AM I will be online and whenever in between I get some time I will try to post something or other.
    I have been observing your timings. You will be posting very late in the night. When open in the morning I see your posts posted in the night and Mohan's contributions of the morning. I think you may get up late. Otherwise, you will not have sufficient sleep and it is not good for the health. I feel you will plan the day from late in the morning to late in the night. These days many young people will be on their smartphones late into the night also and it will become difficult for them to get up early in the morning.

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    In my case, at present, there is no any specific time set apart for ISC. However, I do not sit after 11.00 pm. During noon also I sometimes open this site. After supper is the comfortable time for me to attend to this forum.
    However, noting suitable piece of news or interesting articles, etc. may be done at any time when reading books/magazines or seeing TV.


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    I also do not have any specific timing schedule for ISC. However generally it happens that I get free from my other priority routine by afternoon and star logging to ISC.

    I have a habit of sitting very late and even extending to night 1 or 1.20 even.
    Even now I am a late sleeper . Hence I do not get up too early unless needed. Generally I get up after sunrise only.

    I had posted many responses and forum posts late night. But nowadays my overall activity in ISC is less as I have other matters at hand. Still I log in to ISC whenever possible.

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    There were many ISC night owls earlier. They are missing now. I was the one who used to work till 2 a.m. In the past, ISC used to be very active during the nights. Night is the time to work peacefully. After six years of working, I too got tired. These days, I remain active till 11 p.m.

    @ I have spoiled my health owing to constant sitting for ISC working.

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    Some people believe that night time is peaceful and one can focus for online creative posts. It could be true in some cases but what I feel is that morning ti.e is the best time for such creative tasks.

    In the morning we are fresh in our mind and our eyes are also not tired with a long arduous day.

    It is actually ones own convenience and accordingly one decides for the time of the day one should sit for online postings.

    Knowledge is power.

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