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    EC must register the manifesto of the contesting parties so that it can be challenged in courts !

    Every time when the election is announced whole lots of freebies and promises are announced and even mentioned in their manifesto. But often there has been hue and cry among the public and opposition parties who are very particular about the implementation and fulfillment of the same. And the ruling party just make some spade work achievement and thus get away by fooling the public in large. That is why in future the manifesto of each party must be registered with EC , so that even a voter can seek RTI on it and it should be challenged in courts by EC itself.
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    A good idea. But who will bell the cat? EC is not an independent body and can't make any changes in the existing system. It will have its own limitations. No politician or political party will support this.
    KCR announced before the elections in 2014 that TRS will make a Dalit as CM if it comes to power. But what happened after elections. We all know.
    Modi in his speech at Tirupathi announced that he will give Special Status to AP if his party come to power. NDA has come to power. But now what happened we all are seeing.
    We can list out many such things to say that no politician will stand on his words. So the suggestion given by you will not be implemented in India. But if this happens the voter will get a chance to question the government. Today the voter is nothing to do once he completes the voting in elections. He can't do anything expect silently protesting the unwanted happenings.

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    The election manifesto of the parties announced during the election to attract the voters and get elected is like the new year resolution we take and forget to follow or implement. I don't think Election Commission can do something with the manifesto. Everything is not possible, and also not impossible if there is a will to do it. We all watch the government for its performance and vote accordingly in the next election. The election manifesto should be held in our hand to tick mark the party's performance, and decide the fate of that government during next election. No need to seek RTI which will be just ignored. All will go in favour of the party in power. No action will be taken. It would be a wastage of time and energy to the public.
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    I appreciate the idea of the author, but it may not be feasible. During election time all the parties announce different policies and freebies to garner votes and when they get elected they forget many of them. This is a huge country and to develop a particular sector or system, five years is not enough. For any project, it takes a lot of time to implement because of different hurdles.

    Now, suppose the government started to work on a project but couldn't complete it within the stipulated period. If it is challenged in court the government will definitely raise the issue of lack of time as defense. The main thing is the false promises that they make during election time and later forget. Well, in that case they may say they were very busy with the other projects and couldn't invest much time to the other promises, but will surely look into those promises if given another chance. If there is a debate in Parliament about this topic I'm in doubt how many will support the idea. The most interesting thing is who/which political party is going to ask for a debate on this topic? But, let's hope for the best.


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    I think if TN Seshan would have been at the helm of affairs, surely this suggestion would have become reality.
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