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    Like in foreign countries should the primary education be interactive mode and not in writing mode?

    In most of the foreign countries the children up to the primary level are not too much bothered about education in reading and writing form. They are more taught on interactive form so that the child understands the things fast with reasoning. But in India system of education children are made to learn alphabet strokes from Nursery and by pre primary section they are loaded with so much reading and writing home work. Why not India also follow the system of foreign countries where in children are happily taught with interactive mode of education. Any comment ?
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    In India also earlier days children used to go to school only after completing 5 years. The syllabus and pattern of education were very simple. There were no heavy books. I remember I used to go to school only with a slate and slate pencil up to my 4th class. I remember I started using pencil and paper in my 4th class.
    India's population is very high and the competition for everything here is very high. So the students have to do a lot of work for excelling in their education. The parents want their children to be the first in all aspects. This quality of the parents is being encashed by the corporate school management. Otherwise, IIT preparation from 6th class is ridiculous.
    I am also of the opinion that the stress level of the children in the form of homework and big syllabus should come down. The students should not feel that education is a duty. They should learn the subject for learning the subject but not for passing the examination. I don't know whether the system in other countries may help in these aspects.

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    It is a good idea but it will require some fundamental changes in primary education by including more audio visual aids and computerised interactive screens.

    In our country many schools are in rural and remote environment. Whether we will be able to provide such changes in those places is an important question.

    Till then the existing system has to continue.

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    The education system in India has many flaws and the author has pointed out an interesting aspect. There is a craze among parents to send the kids to school as early as possible. They try to make their kids 'competition ready'. This is the time when the kids begin to realize things and interaction is always the best method for the kids to learn.

    Since beginning, kids are made to work like machines. They are under strict routine with more concentration on studies and less on playing and other activities. The main thing that has to be developed in kinds is the longing for knowing things. Instead, at an early age we are pushing them to learn things according to a particular syllabus without knowing their aptitude. I feel we need an overhaul of the education system.


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    One of the child who is five year old and living in US , interacts with me in American English style and that was very amazing and when it comes to writing , he does not know.
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