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    The uses of flowers by the mankind

    There are ample number of plants and trees that yield flowers. They are colourful and look attractive in different colours. Flowers turn into fruits. There are certain flowers that are used by the mankind.

    Let us discuss how the flowers are used by the mankind for the self, for the purpose and in general. And also discuss why we use it? What will be the outcome of such usages of flowers?
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    Those flowers which bear fragrance are accepted and given as offering to the Gods and also accepted by human being especially the women to adore in their hair. Among the flowers which are famous and liked by women and also offered to the God are Lotus, Rose, Jasmine, Kanakabaram etc. Apart from flowers there are certain leaves which has the smell of great fragrance like Tulasi and dhavanam which is also mixed in between the flowers and offered to the God as garland. But nothing can beat the good smell of fragrance which is mostly liked by the women folks.
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    Nature has given us many things for decoration like flowers, leafs, precious stones etc.

    These are used by mankind since advent of human settlements on Earth and gradually progressed to fashionable trends.

    Flowers are still one of the favourites with women and also for offering to God in the temples.

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    Flowers will add beauty to the earth. They bring happiness to the people. Even small kids will express their joy when they see the fruits. When we are not in a good mood, if we just go and watch the flowers in the garden we will forget our sorrow and we will become fresh. If we have plants in our house which give flowers of different colours our house will have beautiful look. Females like flowers very much. Many of them want to have them in their hair. The Hindus use these flowers for worshipping the God. The temples use flowers to decorate the idols. During festivals and functions in our houses, we decorate the houses with various types of flowers.
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