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    Do you think adding traditional food like Papad in the menu would help in improving our health?

    Our lunch and dinner would always be a standard one depending on our taste and tradition. Whether we belong to North or South, we generally take papad as a snack item while soup is served before a meal. It is a traditional Indian food extensively included in our daily menu. Many people consider it as an accompaniment to the daily dal rice-sambar rice menu.

    Experts say that it is a high-salt food which plays as a catalyst in increasing the blood pressure or retain water and in turn cause weight gain. So the food manufacturers are busy in selling such food supplements to upkeep the body metabolism. Do you think adding traditional food like Papad in the menu would really help in improving our health?
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    Papad or Pappadam or Appalam is an excellent item to taste and eat. In the south, feast served without Papad is incomplete. The main incredients used in Papad is rice and urd dal. Hence papad has Carbo hydrate and protein. Since it is fried in oil, it gives some fat. The masala and salt is added to give taste. If I see fried papad anywhere, I won't leave it without tasting it. I love to eat papad before meal and after meal. Papad should be eaten with Thur Dal or Moong Dal served as a first course during the functions. And finally with the Payasam at the end.

    There is a town called " KallidaiKurichi near Manimutthar Dam in the district of Tirunelveli which is famous for Appalam. In Kerala, Guruvayur is famous for Pappadam.

    The Tamils call it as Appalam. The Keralites call it as Pappadam. Others call it as Papad. Unfortunately, these three tasty dish words are not found in my Oxford dictionary.

    No doubt, Papad/Appalam/ Pappadam is good for health. It helps to improve our weight as it contains protein and fat.

    *A papad a day, keeps the weighing machine away. (New proverb)

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    By the way papad is not a food but a supplementary item which enhances the tasting experience if taken with Sambar or Rasam in South dishes. In our homes when the dry curries are not prepared, surely papad will replace the curry and add to the taste. We do Methi added sambar to which the papad inclusion suits the best. And for any function and marriage , there should be compulsion presence of papad. And by the way papad can be had with fry in the oil or as just shown to flame and taken and taste would be different. And we also prepare sambar out of papad included as ingredient.
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    I think it is only for taste. It will not give any health advantages. In fact, Papad is not advisable if you fry it in oil. But papad just fried on flame without oil is not that bad. It will be tasty if we take this papad with sambar rice or dal rice. This can be taken as it is also. When we take soup if we add small pieces of this papad to that, the taste will be good. Many of the South Indians will like this dish. This is my favourite dish and whenever we go out for eating this is my favourite starter with soup and without this item, my food is not complete. My wife prepares these papads in the house. They will be a little thick and taste better than the items purchased in the market. This will add flavour to mango dal rice.
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    There are some items which are taken with the meals for taste enhancement.

    These are Papad, Pickle, Green chilli, Chutney etc. Though these help greatly in increasing the appettite, they add salt and unnecessary calories to our food.

    Some people who are much concerned about their weight and health avoid these extra which are basically meant to satisfy our taste buds.

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    Dr. Rao,
    I disagree with your statement -" I think it is only for taste. It will not give any health advantages." Can you discuss about the ingredients used in making Papad. Pickle and chutney have their own good/bad effect.

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