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    My aim is to contribute my best to score minimum 1000 points to be eligible for RSB.

    My dear good fellow ISCian,
    From now onwards, apart from learning and improving my wisdom and knowledge and GK, my chief aim will be to score a minimum of 1000 points to fit in to the queue of top 20 members, to be eligible to earn Revenue Share Bonus.

    What about you, My dear fellow ISCian? Do you also like to sail in the same boat I sail?
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    The eligibility is open to all. Those who perform and sustain with regular contributions shall automatically qualify into top 20 positions. But again when every one starts to contribute in that strength say 1000 points per month, then the best out of best would be chosen for the eligibility of revenue share bonus. And the author has the capability and creativity to raise good threads and also give apt reply for many forum threads and therefore scoring 1000 points in a month would be a cake walk. That means hardly 34 points per day has to be contributed which is a easy task for a senior member.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I do not know what is the exact method of calculating RSB but if it is only the points scored in a month then scoring points above 1000 may be helpful.

    Every month the cut off may vary. For example in a particular month if all those above 1240 points got RSB then in the next month it could be those who were above 1120 or in some month may be only 960 and like that.

    RSB is not distributed equally to top 20 members. There may be some methodology to work it out.
    If any member knows how exactly the RSB is worked out, we can understand it in a better way.

    Knowledge is power.

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    RSB will be given to first 20 top scorers of the month. The cutoff points are not there. The points earned during the month of all the members will be made a list and the top twenty will be awarded the RSB. The chances of getting RSB is dependent on your performance and also on the performances of others. Even though you get 2000 points if other 20 members socred more than 2000, you will not be there in the list. Even you score 500 only if the others are also scored less than that your name will come into the list.
    Rs.10000/- will be distributed among these 20 members. Probably they will be distributed in the ratio of points obtained by the individual and the total points of the first 20 members. This is what I understand. I may not be exactly correct.
    Anyhow, I wish you all the best and hope you will score good score and get the RSB in the coming months. I also wish that I will also get RSB in the coming months.

    always confident

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    Revenue Share Bonus is distributed among the top twenty contributors in a calendar month. However, the points earned in the Resource section are doubled.

    If you have a total of 500 points out of which 200 points are from articles submitted in the resource section, then for the purpose of the RSB, the points earned in the resource section will be doubled increasing your points tally to 700.

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