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    Why the commandos standing as security cover to leaders wear black goggles?

    Whenever a top leader or politician talks in a meeting or with the media, the security commandos will be taking cover on both sides with a black suit and also black goggles. What may be the reason for them to wear the black specs as it would be a hindrance for the clear viewing and how come they have the view of the suspects with that colour of goggles? And many a time I have seen that those security persons look handsome and well dressed than the leader who was addressing and our eyes go to read them and not follow the leader?
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    I think it is the uniform code decide by the concerned department. Many government organisations and private organisations will have the uniform prescribed for their employees. Some organisations will prescribe uniform based on the rank of the employee. But some organisations will have a uniform dress code for all the employees. During the daytime, if we use black googles also there will not be any problem with vision. But on the nights it may be a problem. I am not sure that all the commandos wearing black goggles. I have seen many times these people without glasses also. There is no dress code for the VIPs. They can wear any dress they want. There are no physical standards for a person to be a VIP. But for commands, there will be some prescribed specifications. This may be the reason for them to look handsome.
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    They wear dark glasses to conceal their eyes. After all, the commandos are a special task force, their job is to protect the VVIPs. Dark glasses cover their eyes and you cannot tell which way they are looking. They actually scan the surroundings, from behind the glasses, without letting others know which way they are looking. They could be facing the left, but their eyes could be looking towards the right. Anyone wanting to cause trouble can never tell if the commandos are watching them. It is part of the security setup, and not for uniformity, as the Dr. has mentioned.

    At night they must wear night vision glasses.

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    Today I am very lucky. I learnt many new things. The dress may be for a uniform code and the goggles are for not giving any clue to the people regarding the direction of their view. Thank for the inputs.
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    What Juana said is right. The black goggles/dark glasses hides the eyes of the commando whose eyes will be rolling and turning to identify/sight/know/watch the movements of the suspects. This will not be known to the suspects where the commando is looking at. It is not a part of uniform or for stylish looking. Generally commandos are young with attractive physique, strength and energy. These commandos providing security cover will take position around the VIP in such a way that they cover all the directions (360 degrees) around the VVIP/VIP.
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    There are reasons behind wearing goggles/dark glasses. The commandos keep a watch on everything around the leader, so they hide their eyes behind the dark glasses and look around what others are doing. There are some other aspects too, like if there is any blast the natural tendency of the people is to close their eyes, the dark glasses protect the eyes from this tendency and help the commandos to keep an eye on the area for suspects. It also works as a protective shield to the eyes of them.

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    As already pointed out in some of the responses above, the main purpose of wearing black glasses by the security guards is to hide their eyes, such that others cannot recognise the movements of their eyes. It is important when moving with VIP's.

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    Apart from keeping their eye moment concealed, there are so many other reasons why commandos sport black glasses.

    Firstly, the glasses are not just ordinary glasses. The glasses sported by commandos are of very high quality and are made of high purity optical grade polycarbonate.

    The glasses protect the eyes of security personnel in case of any blast.
    The glasses protect the eyes of security personnel from dust in case of haze.
    The dark glasses protect the eyes of security personnel from direct sunlight.
    The dark glasses protect the eyes of security personnel from sunlight reflected intentionally by someone using a mirror or unintentionally through any reflective surfaces in any building or an object lying nearby.
    The dark glasses help them conceal their emotions.
    The dark glasses protect the eyes of security personnel from camera flashes.
    The dark glasses help the security personnel blink less and keep eyes open for longer period as the dark glasses help to see beyond colour restrictions.

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    Great is Mr. Gypsy's response in detail. We could understand much about the dark glasses. This thread was locked and was opened by ISC to receive such an excellent information about the dark glasses of commandos who provide security cover to the VIPs. We must thank Mr. Gypsy for the information provided.
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