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    It is pleasure watching kids uttering words.

    It is, I think, from the last 10 days my granddaughter started uttering small words. She is trying to learn words and utter them. She is repeatedly telling small word having 2 or 3 letters. She is trying to imitate us and utter the words very clearly.
    Our whole family is very happy hearing her uttering the words. We are making her say the same word repeatedly and enjoying. If we are clapping when she says the word she is very happy and repeating the same word with a smile on her face. It is giving immense pleasure to me to spend some time with her and hearing her words. I am a very satisfied grandfather now. To express my happiness I am sharing this with all my fellow members of ISC.
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    It's a wonderful moment to see the kids trying to speak. They imitate their parents and family members and try their best to utter it in the same way , but most of the time they do not succeed. They say something very near to the same word and when they say something we encourage them by different methods like clapping or cuddling. It's pleasure to spend some time with the kids and it is always very relaxing. They are so sensitive and understand who is encouraging them more and will go to that person for more appreciation. The process of growing up is very interesting.

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    One of the Thirukkural among the 1330 Thirukkurals of Thiruvalluvar in Tamil says " Kuzhainithu Yaazhinithu enbatham Makkal Mazhalai Sol Kelaathavar". Means - Anyone who say that Flute is sweeter, and Veena is more sweeter are those who did not enjoy their children's prattle/ lisping sweet words.

    It is really a joyful moment when we listen to the toddlers walk and their talk.

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    It is always a great pleasure to watch small kids as they grow their every moment is enjoyable to elders and especially the grand parents. I can understand your feelings of being happy as the small child tries to pick up the words of their easy understanding and try to interact with them. What I do that when ever I find that kind of child, I try to interact with them maximum so that they feel some one to care their talent and learning process and they keep on coming to us . Because the growing children needs constant learning and they wont get tired to learn new things. And they like talking and interaction to which the adults must give the time. Most grand children like grand parents because they give more time to them than parents and the grand parents know the importance of child understanding many things as the days progress. Please record those childish moments on your cell phone and rewind the same now and then, you get more joy.
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