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    Rehabilitating the flood victims directly.

    We the workers of the Changampuzha Library took up the rehabilitation of some of the flood victims by way distributing food items, clothes, toiletries, fruits, snacks, medicines, stationery items and other needful. We opened a counter in the library and announced that we will accept the above items and distribute the same to the actually needy people. The result was excellent. We got several things from within outside the State. Certain people donated cash for which we purchased needful items and distributed.
    To make sure that these items reached the real needy people we are contacts with different refugee camps and identified the known volunteers. Through them only these items were transferred and distributed. We did not give any political colour to our set up, because of this support came from all walks of life. There was the added advantage since the activities are taken inside the library hall itself, such that no others could interfere in the affairs.
    Now, since the situation is better and the people are getting settled in their cleaned houses we found many have lost their household utensils, such as different pots, plates, glasses, spoons, etc. So we have now started to collect such items from different well wishers. Also in most of the houses there will be duplicate or triplicate items without being used. Sometimes, marriage presentations etc. will contain such utensils, which were never used. People are, however, coming forward with such utensils. Our duty is to see that these reach the needy.
    An approximate estimate showed the the cost of items distributed so far has crossed twelve lakh rupees.
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    My appreciation and applause to the author and their helping group which done a nice planning to reach out directly to the affected persons of the Kerala floods and handed over to them the much needed succor. This is the right way to do the things. What normally happens that the needy wont get the things and the middle men or the rehab facilitating teams would take the advantage and enjoy the things come their way. There are so many organizations which wont believe the government departments and they are reaching out directly to the needy. But for this planning there must be good network, dedicated volunteers, who must identify the right rehab center where in the people who lost everything and are really wanting to be helped. Such kind of spade work has to be carried out with sincere officers of the government department which established such rehab centers soon after natural calamities sets it.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    My salutations to you and the other members of the library for the nice initiative you have taken up and helped the needy. In Hyderabad also some Organisations collected the material mentioned by you for helping the needy in the flood-affected areas. Infosys is one such organisation. My son also has taken some items and handed over in their Organisation for distribution in the flood areas. But I don't know how they have sent to Kerala and to whom they have given. These days many are coming forward to help directly through known persons than giving it to governemnt.
    Many people from other states also contributed money and other goods. I understand still many of the articles are lying in rescue centres and no one is coming forward to receive them. It is better if such material also distributed properly to the needy so that the intended purpose will be served.
    It is good to note that now the normalcy is getting restored and people are slowly recovering from the shock they had during the floods.

    always confident

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    TM Sankaran Sir,
    I stand erect and salute you for the noble work undertaken by you and your good team for the flood affected people of Kerala. ISC is proud to have such broad minded and generous person like you. May God be with you in all your endeavours.

    No life without Sun

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