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    If a student has been offered a teacher job in same school where he studied. Accept or not ?

    Most of us have been working hard and make a impression to study well ahead of others obviously to get a good job of our liking. Some times our progress and interest towards studies are well understood by all and in some cases the school management would prevail upon the qualifying candidate with good marks, to accept the post of the teacher and continue with the school with good salary. Is it a good practice to accept that kind of appointment ? Will the other students who were either friends till now accept the new elevation ? Will they interact in same way as they done before ?
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    One must accept such an opportunity if it comes in one's way. There is absolutely no problem in this proposition.

    Sometimes there will be some initial inhibitions and hick ups as people already know one and some of the clever ones will like to show off to others that they are intimate and close. One should not bother for such minor human aggression and instead sternly and strongly focus on one's job.

    It would take some time for everything to come to the normal phase and even the clever ones will keep a distance and will not mingle up unnecessarily.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Nothing wrong in accepting a teaching post in the institute where we studied if they offer a job. In fact is a privilege and recognition of the candidate's performance. Many few will get this opportunity. But in University's ninety per cent of the staff will be the students of that university only. The candidates from other universities will be selected very rarely. This I have noticed in many instances.
    Even in schools also there are many teachers who studied in the same school. But there may be a lot of gap between the year of study and year of appointment. My uncle studied in the school and joined as a teacher in the same school.

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