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    Why people choose these funny names for their kids?

    When babies are born they are given some name. This name becomes their identity and this is the same which is registered in their first school.

    In addition to this, people give a nickname to their kids which are very common and sometimes funny also.

    Some of these names I came across are - Golu, Bittoo, Pattu, Pinkoo, Chotu, Nanha, Balu, Tinny etc.

    When the kids grow up and become adult, these nicknames remain like that and they are referred only by that particular nickname in their family and relation circles.

    This may sometimes becomes funny as well as embarrassing. What do you think about this?
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    In our sect too we keep three names to a child when born. One is the forefather or great grand mother name, second one chosen by the parent of the child and third is the nick name on which the child would be addressed and called. For example my original name was Kothanda Raman, and my parents wished to have the name of Mohan and my nick name is Moga. Many relatives and friends call me by Moga and I really like it. Likewise one neighbor boy whose nick name is Chicoo is being called even today when he is attending college. And he feels elated and respond immediately on calling this name.
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    The nicknames are usually less official & more personal & this is allocated to a child since the time the child used to be very small, so small that not even able to identify the words or the meanings. This is in order to show some playfulness with the child. And therefore this wouldn't be surprising that even your nickname would have taken from some lovable cartoon character of its time. This happened to us all even though its not possible for us to remember those earlier days.

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    Sometimes it is amusing and funny when we hear someone calling an aged person - Chotu or like that. Even 'Pappu' is so common in some parts of the country.

    Generally nickname is short and used by the near and dear. It is a friendly gesture. Some people like to be called by their nickname. It has a feeling of warmth.

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    Having funny official names can be seen the best in Punjabis with all their Lovely Singh, Pinto Singh and other funny names.
    Rest of India either goes for names of gods or some meaningful sanskrit word. Some go for beautiful local words.
    Why do we choose the name of gods? To spark devotion some say. Then why do we name our kids funnily? We do it because its easy on tongue.
    A study shows that CEOs with shorter names are more 60-65% margin.
    Bill, Bob, Brad, Fred, John, Josh etc are all very short names and are very preferred in western community. We Indians have our own versions of these short names. Human psychology. Easier words attract us more.

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    Good observation by Aditya Mohan. It is nice to know that CEOs with short names are successful. This is true in our country also. Many of the CEOs are having small names only.
    In our family, we perform a naming ceremony before the child completes one month or in the third month. We add the name of the grandfather or grandmother to the child. Then in we will add the name which we select for the child. My granddaughter's name is Chinmayi. We call her Cihnnamma.
    I have also heard many peculiar nicknames. Some of them are Buzzi, Bulli, chinna, Chiini.etc.

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    Long names christened at the time of birth will be difficult to write, spell and pronounce. Hence people prefer short names to address. More than the parents, it is the friends who title them with short funny names. Generally, the naughty guys have their funny names.

    My name is 'Meenakshi Sundaram', people close to me affectionately call me ' Meena'. in ISC I use the name 'SuN'.

    English word Sun means in Hindi - Sooraj
    Hindi word Sun means in English - Listen/Hear

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