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    How often that you find yourself perfect in the execution of jobs?

    May be few of us would feel that they are perfect in the execution of tasks but for me it's never possible. Yes but agreed to the fact that we at least can be a good executioners. This is because being a human being we are more prone to mistakes & errors which sometimes can delay the actions which will subsequently having an impact on the other related projects. Let's say for example, getting a good salaried job or owning our own home or to say the least then reaching office on time.

    When I say that, "we at least can be a good executioners", would mean our actions resulting in the outcomes will at least be devoid of any negative impacts. Do you agree with this?
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    Nothing is perfect in the world. But the question is how much near we can come to perfection. Everybody has to try their best to execute the works entrusted to them. But some may have better skills and they may be able to execute it fast and in the correct direction. When we execute a work if we can achieve at least 90 % of the intended outcome within the stipulated time, we can consider ourselves as perfect executors.
    There will be always scope for improvement and we should always strive for improvement. In my opinion, we should not become complacent thinking that we are perfect. This should be the way of our lives.

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    No one is perfect in this world. We all learn through our mistakes. We cannot claim to be perfect ourselves. One's perfection should be judged and said by others.
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    There are two ways to done a job with perfection. One is having the past experience and knowing fully well the process towards the progress and the second one is taking those people help who are well versed and yet need a right command and support to execute. The ISRO team taken as the right example here. The same team was there previously and the achievements were not that mention worthy. When the right person is at the helm of affairs the things move faster and greater power is given to each research analysts and thus the output would be praise worthy and happening.
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