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    Is it legal to pursue two degrees in distance at the same time?

    Is it legal to pursue two degrees in distance at the same time without doing any regular degree? What are the latest DEC UGC rules in 2018 regarding this matter? Where can I consult authorities of DEC?
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    I did two Master's degrees simultaneously through distance mode in different universities. I did not find any accurate information about this.. people are giving different opinions on this. Are they valid or not? Do I need to consider only one pg ?

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    As far as my knowledge goes, you should not go for two degrees simultaneously even in distance education mode. When you got admitted into one course at one university, you should not enter into another university simultaneously. You can do diploma course and degree course simultaneously but not two degrees.
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    But both are completely different courses and in different universities... Some people said it is valid and some are not.. In some websites, there are some articles saying DEC allowed students to take two degrees in order to promote distance education in India. And again in some sites, I found UGC rules are against to this.. Which is right and which is wrong? Even in this site, I found a similar question and different opinions..

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    I would request the editors to shift this question to the ask experts section so that expert views can be appended for the benefit of the author as the questions seems to be important.
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    I am a layman. However, I can say that holding two degrees is not a crime, and should be permitted. We have had a politician from TN with double M.A. in different subjects and they did not have any objection. There is no end to education and degrees. We can add any number of degrees behind our name. I can be both a doctor(MBBS) and an Advocate (LLB).
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