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    We can read the expression of the eyes but not the depression of the heart!

    We have to maintain friendly relations with everyone to have the harmony in the social fabric. But we share our personal feelings with a very few and seek their advice at the time of need. The expression of the eyes and the body language reflect the actual mood. But at times, we miss reading the true cause of it. A well caring friend will not only read the expression of the eyes but also the depression of the heart! Isn't it?
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    Yes. It is true. One can understand the feelings of the others by observing their physical moments and expressions. But some people never show their feelings on their face. They will hide their feelings inside only. But the persons who are close to them can understand their feelings easily as they can read their heart because of their closeness with them. Those are only the best friends. We should be able to understand small differences also in our friends if we are very close to them.
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    Very good rhyming question with expression and depression. While the eyes can express their emotion, they too can express their depression. Heart too can express the expression and the depression. Face(Eyes) is the index of the mind - A proverb. The visible eyes shows the depression hidden inside the mind or the heart.

    @Therefore, I won't agree with your statement.

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    Good rhyming title. But a truth also.

    However, if we are close and alert we can definitely find hints o some problem troubling the person. Not all are open easily. Sometimes it may need sincere and persistent persuasion to get the real reason from the person. If the person feels confident with us her she may confide in us about the problem. And then it should be or sincere effort to lessen or remedy the problem.

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    In Tamil there is a saying that if you want to know a real person or friend, travel with him for a while and then comes to know the real him or her. So what it means that it is easy to find a person by his or her eye expression also as to what is his or her intentions against us. In this regard I give credit to small children who wont come from one lap to another that easily as they read the face and understands the intentions of the person from the heart. That is the reason being so many tiny tots wont to or allow to cuddle them with those who show the drama of affection. So it all depends on a person who behaves with pure love.
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    In Tamil there is a proverb, 'Agaththin azhagu Mugaththil theriyum' which means one can see the heart in his eyes. A person really interested on the friend or relative, he can simply read his or her feelings of inner mind. As many of us practiced ourselves in the recent years to hide our own problems to others without telling, we hide our heart but smile outside. But a real friend or relative will find if we hide anything.
    In some cases people also sullen if we intensively asks them about their problems. A friend of mine who got some sickness but took dose of medicines without the physical activities as mentioned by the doctor. He do not have walking or physical exercises and so that he bulge himself as fatty posture. When I asked him to pursue walking and physical exercises he just get away from the place and gone to his room to avoid further talking in this connection. For such persons it is very difficult to help in any manner, though we willingly offer our help.

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    Face is the index of mind. This proverb fits this theme. But what actually going deep in the heart is difficult to fathom.

    Human emotions are laced with mysterious undercurrents. Very few people can go in their depths.

    It is also true that close friends sometimes can see the storm seated deeply in the minds of their buddies.

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