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    Though considered the oldest religion, is Hinduism losing its attraction?

    To the world at large, the Sanatan Dharma has been considered as the oldest religion on this planet which exist in the manipulated ways as Hinduism but still, Christianity and Islam are having more believers having 31.5% & 23.2% respectively while Hinduism comes at the third position having the numbers of believers at 15.0%. Why is it so? Is the Sanatan Dharma or the Hinduism losing its attraction? Also, seeing the current trend, how and will this proportion change in the coming times?
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    The title of the thread is not being discussed in the text. However, the percentages given are not about the members, but about the believers. How the believers are identified and counted? If we look into actual scenario of religious distribution, we have the Hindu people mainly in India and Nepal. Some may be there in other nations also, but negligible. At the same time Christians and Muslims are there in several countries. These two religions are having strict laws which insist on following certain religious customers regularly. They cannot escape from those rituals. Hence when counting, percentagewise, almost all will be considered as religious minded.
    In Hinduism there are no such strict rules and there are nobody to compel the practising of the customs, if any. Hence there is no much sense in discussing on this aspect.


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    Christianity is there in any many countries. Muslims are also more and spread to many countries. But Hinduism is mainly in India and its surrounding countries. Of course in Pakistan very negligible. So I think the Hindu population is definitely less than the other two religions. Hinduism is not very specific about the rituals to be followed and it has given good liberty to the persons. That is why many Hindus are not very serious about the prayers and other related matters. The freedom here is very high when compared to other religions. The oldest religion may be Hinduism but I am not sure.
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    It is believed that the oldest surviving religion is that of Hindus- Sanathan Dharm. But chronologically speaking Hinduism as we know it sprang from Iranian tribes.
    Before that Indus valley people had their own belief system in this land. Sumerians had their monolithic Zigurats built by 2000BC. Many religions came before Sanathan Dharm.

    But only Hinduism survives thanks to our sheer numbers and just how adaptable Hindu religion is. Back when we faced challenges accepting Buddhism we culminated Buddha as an avatar of Vishnu. We added many elements to the boring Sanathan Vedic Dharm and have this colorful religion now. Though the natives are shunning the Hindu ways...western civilisation in past few decades has shown immense amount of interest in India, especially in Hindus. We have a huge number of converted Hindus. With all these going, Hinduism is the most fastest growing religion in the world.

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    No doubt the Hindu religion has the proof of being oldest religion and having baffled over its presence and growing other people are converting our religion to make their presence felt. Even in that case too Hindus are leading in the world and other religions are competing to be top. If they top on their own no body would have any objections but they convert the people from other religion which is not accepted. Hindus never indulged in conversion acts, where as other religions are spreading their wings to suppress the surge of Hindus and soon we will become minority in India and that is for sure.
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    I think Hinduism is the oldest among the religions. If we can believe the existence of Lords Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma, we can understand this well. The world region is the land which is 2/3 of the world. It is the region that accounts the percentage of the people in a religion. Also, the religion grew like this with the Muslims,Christians, and Hindus.

    Muslims - They do not adopt birth control as it is against their God's will. So the number increases. They don't invite others to join them , and don't hate other religions.
    Christians - They preach and teach, and drum beat about Christianity and invite people to join their religion, and ignore other religions. Thus the number increases.
    Hindus - They don't propagate or invite other religions to join them, but Hindus love other religions. Hence, their number doesn't increase.

    It is a subject that needs discussion with vast knowledge about the past history of the world.

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    Sun I wont agree with your observation that Muslims wont convert other religions In fact there is a Jamat which goes village after Villages and ask people to join the community.
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    Sorry Mohan,
    What you said could be in Andhra Pradesh, never in My Pradesh. I have many Muslim friends, and they never uttered a word praising their religion and requesting me to join their religion. It could be the latest trend followed by the Muslims after seeing the Christians propagation. Also I don't trust your words. Have you personally witnessed the Muslims canvassing other religion to join their religion.

    @ Other members are requested to post their comments on this comment by Mohan.

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    During the evolution of human races and development of earlier civilizations, some ancient religions came into existence and due to different geographical locations and lack of communication between them, they evolved in different ways and later were distinct with each other.

    In such a situation it is difficult to say which religion is the oldest. It is of course sure that their root is almost same and that is the beginning of human culture on Earth.

    Later on the religions were bifurcated in many new branches and there are variations from one community to other even within the same basic religion. So it is an attribute of society which goes on changing with time and social developments.

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