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    Why BJP not taking initiative to close the Rafel issue by referring to Parliamentary Committee ?

    BJP party is quite and calm on Rafel deal eventhough lot of allegations coming from opposition parties and news media. The main issue is Modi's government canceled the old UPA Rafel deal and inked a new deal in which the NDA government buying Rafel air crafts 3 times more than the previos deal. opposition position parties asking a Joint parliamentary Committee consisting law makers of ruling and opposition members to sort out the discrepancy. If there is no issue the same the Committee can announce without crossing the secrecy deal of this defence buying. Why BJP is tight lipped on this burning issue?
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    What I understand from various readings about the Rafael deal that when UPA has signed the agreement, it was a simple aircraft and not loaded with warfare. Whereas the NDA government has signed new agreement with loaded ammunition for which it has been purchased by our country. Naturally the cost escalation would be there. That is the reason being so the government is silence on the issue and it know it is on the right track. Moreover it is Rahul Gandhi who faulted many a time by quoting different prices at different locations while addressing meetings and thus this issue become non importance.
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    The original deal was between UPA and Rafel. But later after the NDA government has taken over there were some changes made and hence a new deal was made. As mentioned by Mohan now the agreement is with ammunition. So naturally, when there is a change in the items there will be changes in the terms and conditions of the supply order also. The confidentiality of the agreement is again a point for discussion. Rahul Gandhi made a statement in the Parliament and Immediately the other party ruled out his statement.
    What is going behind and where is the problem is not known.

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    If there is no problem in the deal why can't BJP party setup a joint parliamentary committee which is the usual procedure to bring clarity to the issue. Then why BJP is not using that opportunity?

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    Dr. Subrahmanya Swamy, Parliament member from BJP termed the Rafael deal as a corrupt one and threatened to go to court if the government goes ahead with the deal. This was in April 2015. Subsequently, he kept quiet. The Government should not have any hesitation to appoint a Joint Parliamentary Committee if everything is above board. The Defense Minister who promised to give all details backtracked taking cover under secrecy clause in the agreement. The Congress claims there is no such cause in the agreement which is in the public domain. There are many irregularities which the government has to clarify.
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    Like in Bofors matter, here also I personally feel that the unwillingness by the government to divulge the details has something related with business privacy of the seller and national security matter of our nation. Just as the Bofors matter, (it is my gut feeling) in this case also it may be the vested interest of the lost competitors or competed bidders in raking up the controversy.

    Now, regarding the Parliamentary committee, it is not an unbiased and independent body like courts of law. Parliamentary committee consists of Parliament members of various parties. The anti-BJP party members may most likely have their own biased view and interpretation. We have seen such difference of views in various reports of parliamentary committees. That is why the government does not want a Parliamentary committee to go into the matter, probably because the committee is having majority non-NDA or non-BJP members.

    There can also be probably the handiwork of inimical interest to expose and know the security secrets of this country.
    Unless some such compelling reasons are there, I do not think, BJP/NDA will take an adamant silence which, they know well,can be against their favour.
    I think the people may be more convinced in this matter about the stand of the government.

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    What I feel that ordinary people like you and me does not know what has happened behind the scene to ink this deal. If there are strong indications about the corruption being involved by escalating the cost of the Rafeal aircrafts, surely that must be investigated. If BJP comes to power again, it wont reveal anything and the French government also supports its stance. But if Congress comes to power, they will surely dig this deal in deep and bring the truth before the country. So instead of blaming the present government and pressurizing for the JPC on the deal, let the Congress concentrate on winning the coming general election and corner the BJP totally on this issue. If Bofors was still haunting the Congress and that deal was responsible for its debacle, then Rafeal also could be the deal for the BJP to fall. Let us see if the truth prevails.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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