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    Which governmental business is more competitive & reliable against the private?

    From the courier services to the transportation & continuing with the construction of infrastructure buildings like the highways & fly-overs to the constructions of homes, do you feel that there is no competition in-between the private & the governmental developments? Obviously it is not the case because for anything else other than the government services which guarantees the employees jobs till it's retirement, rest of the options can't be the good options for financially sound individuals. Is it only remained the perception or is it really the case?
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    In all other fields I may choose private, but Banking should strictly be done by government for me. So that makes banking the most reliable and least competitive government sector job.
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    Like in America and other countries except Defence, Home, Fincance, all other departments should be made private and of course work under the government guidance and overall rules.
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    By buying technologies upgrades all previous big businesses can win over others. See JIO in india used 4G services to win many consumers. This can happen in any business. It depends on Government willingness as well. Like Late PM Indra gandhi and Rajiv gandhi did Bank nationalization, Getting support for Maruti and introducing computers in India.
    So, If Government want edge in many fields. They must needs to invest in new technologies as well. I think LIC is giving good fight to other insurance but private insurance company is gaining market share. But LIC is huge in terms of market capitalization.

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    Rahul I agree with you, when compared to other Insurance companies, LIC has been most reliable and house hold name,thanks to their policies and benefits being acquired.
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    My first option for this is the insurance business. If it is life Insurance, LIC is the best among the all. For General Insurance the three government companies United India, New India Assurance and Oriental Insurance companies are the best. Of course, these days we are finding some good private companies in this sector also. However, the government companies are the front-runners. Similarly, the banking sector is another area. The government banks are more reliable and people have more confidence in the nationalised banks than small private banks.
    Slowly in all the areas, the private players are trying to excel and they are overtaking the government sector. The main problem in the public sector is the manpower cost and overheads are very high and productivity is very less when compared to private organisations. In the private sector, there is no job guarantee and you will sustain only if you are performing. The same situation should come in the public sector also. Then they will also become profitable.

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    In addition to response #647859,
    I also wanted to add banking sector but i avoid due to Banking system is not in good condition. Actually Private banks to big ticket items and quality customers. Their focus is only on to the profitable businesses. Big ticket, lucrative deals are first choice of private sector banks but on the other hand Govt. Banks do business to every one. They needs to do service to last man of India. So, Nationalized bank can't focus on profitability. If you see After demonetization in 2016, Bankers was busy only in replacing old notes by new one and Govt claimed that they opened 10s of crores bank account in jandhan scheme. So, By this you can understand Bank did no work to recover NPA and opened unnecessary accounts. Many of them opened bank account in hope to get 15 lakhs as well. Also this is the reason most of the banks made losses. Bank jobs is to give loan to others and recover it. If they do work of replacing currency, opening new bank account/ Insurance policy etc. then who will recover Loans?

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