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    This serious issue needs to be addressed

    I didn't have much work today, so I spent my time browsing through the Ask Expert section. I came across a response given by someone whom I have noticed struggling with words, in the forum. I found it rather odd that there were no grammatical errors in the response. I checked a few more responses of the same member and found the language to be perfect, in each of them.

    One of the 'expert' answers was to a query raised by the ME.

    I spent the next few minutes on Google and discovered, something that I had known all along, the answers were copied.

    Someone has been extremely lax in their voluntary job – giving CC to copied content.

    copied from -

    copied from -

    copied from -

    copied from -

    copied from -

    copied from -

    copied from -

    copied from -

    copied from -

    copied from -

    copied from -
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    Generally, the answer will be given by the individual which he learnt through his education or experience. Otherwise, the information can be obtained by doing the literature survey from the library or by google search. But whatever information we have collected should be summarised in our own words. That will be a better way of expressing our ideas or suggestions. But copying word to word may not be acceptable.
    I appreciate the author's patience in spending some time and doing a lot of research on this subject. But I remember sometime back this point was discussed in one of the threads and Editors also expressed their views on this subject. Anyhow, we have to wait and see for the reaction of the Editors in this issue.

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    It is a big issue because copied content can damage the traffic of our leading site, as well as the faith in the answers of the experts in this section may be the effect
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    Actually this is the case of copied content. Editors should take some action to avoid this.

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    Thank you for the prompt information. This has been brought to the notice of the LE/Editor concerned to verify and do the needful.

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    Wah! What a copying act by an ISC Member. I really appreciate the patience of the author for spending her time in catching the copy cat member of ISC. The author has done the job of the Editors who failed to perform their job sincerely and carefully.
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    At times I wish you were an editor too. You do a pretty good job. I have no problems with present editors. It's human to err. But your knowledge and talent is really good too.
    Is there a way that we can volunteer to be editors? I mean its always good to have more man power.

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    Excellent commendable work by the author for picking up the inconsistencies and raising a thread.

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    Will the copy cat member read this thread and come forward to post his justification for his copy and paste activities at ISC Ask Expert section?
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    I admit that it was a mistake of our team and I thank you to be vigilant. Required action has been taken. We will take extra care so as to avoid such mistakes in future.

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    A special award be given to Juana for reporting this serious lapse on the part of editorial team and also a thorough check must be made in that section for further lapse.
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    A great job done by our knowledgeable member. This type of vigil and alertness very few people possess.

    It is good that these things are brought up in the forum for wider publicity so that the erring members will be discouraged to do such mischievous acts in future.

    No one creates new knowledge. All wisdom is there only. One has to learn, understand and reproduce in ones style. That is creative writing and one should ensure not to simply copy from one place to another.

    There have been many great writers in the world who had their different styles of writing and they became famous because of their narrative styles. This distinction is what makes one a great writer.

    Copying is no art. A class VI student also can copy a text from one place to another very efficiently. We must refrain from duplication. It is in bad taste.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Subsequent to this thread, there seems to be a backlog of AE answers being assessed and given cc. Mistakes do happen, it's fair that the AE editors have acknowledged. This should not discourage the AE team to assess the answers or be over cautious. Please continue the good work.

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    Thank you for letting me know what you think of me.


    You guys are stalwarts and do not need to be told how to do your job, but here is a piece of advice. You can implement it if found worthy.

    When a member is found posting copied content, the others on the editorial team should be notified through your internal forum, so that they can be more vigilant.

    In the case that I reported, a number of responses given by the member were already deleted and marked in red. The member was not new to the practice of posting copied content, and it appears that the member was allowed to carry on with the malpractice. Technically, the member should have been restricted from posting in that section, which was not done.

    I do not see this as a mistake. A mistake can happen once, but for a string of answers to go unchecked points towards deliberate negligence. This was clearly a dereliction of duty. It did not require a genius to see that the content was copied.

    And thank you for appreciating my contribution with the Rs.10! Didn't expect such generosity.

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    I just found one more copied answer.

    Ask Expert Question:
    The first response to this question is copied from

    Another interesting scenario where I have found copied content.

    The Ask Expert question has been responded by the same person who has posted the question and 0 points are given for that. The response is still available and the interesting part is it has been copied from

    It seems all the responses from that member in Ask Expert section are copied. I suggest the editorial team to check the forum responses of this member as there is a high chance of having copied content there as well.


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    Thanks, everyone, for the reports of copied content. We did initiate discussions with the team to be more vigilant, have informed team members about regulars who copy-pasted information and imposed the posting restrictions right away on noting this thread.
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