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    Which is important. The content or the language.

    The content writing is becoming very popular these days. Many online sites are offering works to the content writers and paying suitably. This writing will be about various subjects. The writing should be as crisp as possible and it should be better to convey the message as brief as possible with maximum information. I feel the writing should be more informative. The language should be as easy as possible so that the reader will understand easily the content. But one of my friends feels showing our vocabulary power by using difficult words is better. I differ with him many times. It is not a place to show our language. But it is a place to show our subject and see that the message will go to the reader directly. Of course, the language should be proper without any mistakes. I like to know the opinion of the members on this issue.
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    Both the content and language are very important. While the content should briefly explain the subject, the language should be understandable by the readers. Simple and easy English in simple sentences would do good in content writing. Searching for words from the dictionary for content writing, and searching for words in the dictionary by the readers is not appreciable. There shouldn't be any spelling or grammar mistake. That's all.
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    Writing a content is the prerogative right of the author as there cannot be forced rules. What I feel from my personal experience that writing with understandable words and making the thing clarified with one or two example to the understanding level of the reader would suffice as the best content. And the beauty of the English language is that we can convey a matter through many ways and there lies the expertise and the experience. And those who are well qualified and used to write good contents with superlative words, do appreciate the normal writing because every one connects with us.
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    The content, as well as the language, is equally important. Just imagine what it would be like if you post a good content in poor language or vice-versa? Content and language must compliment each other to make what you write adorable. Using new words is not at all a bad idea but it depends on the readers you are putting up the matter too. You don't always prefer an easy reading and reading should not always be just for pleasure. Getting to know new words is an addition to your knowledge base and one needs to take it positively. Though one might feel that English is a flexible language, the content we prepare would look more elegant if you use your words suitably and express yourself poetically. A language being flexible does not mean that we use it as we like or just restrict ourselves to what we know; writing beautifully is, after all, an art by itself and I think one should strive to achieve that skill.
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    A good writing is a combination of both - content and language. Content is what makes us interested in reading it. Language is which makes the reading pleasurable. They are the two sides of the same coin without which the coin is not complete.

    So a good writer has to keep both the things in full consideration.

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    One cannot consider 'content' and 'language' separately. Unless one use correct and meaningful language, the content will not be clear and useful. Hence there is no meaning in separately viewing these two. Only correct language can convey the essence of the content. So there is no meaning in viewing them separately.

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    Though the content and language are important to a communication, many times the content becomes sufficient as the passing communication effectively. The thing makes me laugh in many situations is many people very much concentrating in correcting the language when speaking and writing only in English rather than other languages. Many people do not know the grammar of their own mother tongue but correcting others in English. My view is one should thorough of grammar of their own mother tongue.
    Nowadays the content is seen rather than language as many people writing in short form in the SMS eg., Thankyou - TQ, Your- ur etc.,

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    You are sitting on the sidelines and telling those on the field how they should play – well, that is how this thread appears to me.

    I am a content writer and make money writing for people from across the globe. I wouldn't get work if I were to follow your advice.

    To begin with, there is this big misconception, among a lot of Indians, that native speakers of the language use simple vocabulary, in their speech. Native speakers have a rich vocabulary and can stump you with it. Their everyday conversations are beautifully structured, with, what some like to call "big words". To be able to survive in this cutthroat online business, content writers have to match the same standard of language.

    Sites that rank high in Google searches, are rich in content and language.

    Writing is a medium of expression, and content writers use their skills to create unique write-ups. Why would you think, "It is not a place to show our language"? Why should content writers hold back their choice of words and their way of expression? They are paid for what they deliver. If you are unable to comprehend what is written or are hesitant to check the meanings of new words, then I would think that the shortcoming lies in you. You are clearly limiting yourself.

    Writers like me write content for a wider audience. I have survived in this industry for over a decade, and my clients keep coming back with more work.

    Content that I post on ISC gets me traffic from the world over. That means that the search engines are ranking my articles, and they are visible to a global audience. That increases traffic and betters my prospects of earnings through adsense.

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