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    Ants and insects below tiles: how is this possible?

    There are hundreds of thousands of flats constructed everywhere. It is a huge business in South India as well, in the metro cities. And in the fast developing B class cities too.

    A flat that is twenty years old, does show up in maintenance costs. A relative wanted to completely redo both the western rest rooms with completely new tiles and the closets as well. When the contractor dug up the tiles, we found thousands of ants and small insects. The tiles were laid very well, and we did not face any problem of any insect all these years in the flat.

    How is that the ants and insects enter tiles that are perfectly laid by the contractor on cemented bases? The contractor was not able to give a big scientific reason, except saying that there are small pores in the tiles. However, these pores are not visible to the naked eye.

    The entire process is now over. The two rest rooms now look as grand as ever. However, will the insects come back? And the ants?

    Members who know the scientific explanation, please do share your views.
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    Ants and insects especially the white ants or the red soil insects which we otherwise call as termites do appear when there is moisture presence. While laying tiles water is used to have the grip and being strong with cement and thus the ants and insects creates colonies beneath the tiles and we do not know unless and until we dismantle the floor. Like wise we use the plywood for the doors and wardrobes which the meeting and mating ground for the termites which multiplies in large numbers and eventually destroy the wood itself. There is no other go. Where ever there is red soil this problems persist.
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    The insects and ants are also God created mini creatures. If they are destined to live under the tiles of your home, no one can stop them. Their date of death is when you remove the tiles for renewal or replacement.
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    The tiles have to be laid properly and in the joints white cement is to be applied properly. If the white cement is not properly used there will be voids in between the tiles and from there chances of ants and other insects going inside are there. Another place for these insects is the jointing between the wall and the door. If the fixing is not proper small voids will come. They will be small and we may not be able to notice those voids. From there also these ants and other insects will go.
    As mentioned above tile adhesives are to be applied on the bottom of the tiles and also can be used for joining.

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