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    Don't we need national policies on civil construction?

    There have been several reports about villas and hotels being constructed in areas where the sand cannot withstand those kinds of constructions in Kerala. The structures have also been severely damaged, if one were to go by reports in the National English Newspapers.

    There have been complaints elsewhere too. In Ooty and Kodaikanal too. One does here environmentalists complaining about massive encroachment of areas that should not have any construction in the first place. However, the builders and the political bosses have a huge nexus.

    Should we not have a policy to guide us? For example, why cannot we choose areas near the plains where the soil may withstand huge construction and then bring tourists by whatever means, so that they do not stay back in the hill stations, at least indiscriminately, as of now?
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    What I feel that soil testing has to be done before undertaking any big projects. I know Kerala has been battered by worst floods of this century and the total soil has become loose and not fit for huge buildings. In this regard the government must take the expertise of Larsen and Toubro company which has good engineers who are perfect in soil testing. The Hyderabad Metro rail projects which goes through various kinds of soil presence in the Hyderabad twin cities was carried out by them with ease and today we have zero error Metro works completed. So Kerala government must rope them.
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    Soil testing and good quality construction, these are the two pillars of durability and stability of the building and other constructions. Any slippage in these can create a disaster any time.

    This is a well known fact in the construction industry and engineers and builders are well aware of this.

    Unfortunately we lack honesty in our work and due to rampant corruption these safety aspects are many times ignored by the parties who have interests in these constructions. When the mishap happens the innocents are killed and injured.

    The influential builders and contracts get permission for carrying out any construction in any area irrespective of soil quality. They least bother for the safety of their own generation as the greed for money have made them totally blind and indifferent.

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    That is true. One should assess the quality of the land before going for multi-storied buildings. The land should be assessed properly and the foundation should withstand the natural calamities. In fact, the municipal authorities should insist on proper precautions and then only give construction permission. They should ask for soil test certificates and details of foundations and other construction details. After ensuring all the points only they should give permission for construction. While the construction is going on sometimes the authorities should visit the site and confirm that they are going as per the approved drawing and procedure.
    In Visakhapatnam of Andhra Pradesh, there are beautiful constructions just near to the seashore and the constructions were so strong that in the recent floods and cyclones they never got affected.

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