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    Good examples and Bad examples

    Sometimes we are more attracted to follow bad examples rather than good examples in our life. We can say this is a part of the human tendency to get pulled towards negatives. Below are some examples.

    In a workplace where flexible timings are allowed, an employee who reaches office in time will always tend to observe other employees who come in late and at times they may start thinking that they should also come late. But the sad part is that they fail to observe other employees who reach office before them and follow their example.

    A child in school sometimes tries to imitate bad qualities and behavior from their classmates but fails to notice and follow positive qualities from others students.

    In everyday life also people sometimes tend to notice and follow bad examples and negative things in others more easily compared to positive things. This is not a rule and true for all but still a common trend.

    People at times are short-sighted to observe the positive things in others and follow them. Won't it be beneficial if we develop a mind and sight to observe and follow positive things and good examples from others in life?
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    The beauty of living is always confronted with good and bad examples set by others. Why because those who cannot compete with the best would always create a ruckus and scene that the attention also be shown on their moves. That is the example of a bad character. If a student performs well with good marks and with consistency, it is a good example and that must be followed by other students. But what other students feel that the particular student is getting favor for obvious reasons and try to have enmity which is a bad character portrayal. So good or bad living always confront our minds now and then.
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    It is easy to inculcate bad habits. We will have many friends. They will have both good and bad habits. But we will easily learn their bad habits. Even in schools also the students get attracted to the fellow students who are easy going and don't take studies seriously. They never seek friendship with students who are very serious in their studies and never take part in gossiping and other unuseful acts.
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