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    Virtual tour versus Real tour

    In this age of internet and social media, it is very easy to find images and videos of many popular tourist spots in India and abroad on the internet. A person can literally see these videos and images and get an idea of how these places look. This is in sharp contrast to earlier days when the internet was not so popular and people only got the real knowledge of the tourist place after actually visiting them.

    So what is the difference between seeing the place virtually in videos and images versus seeing them in real time? After all, we are seeing the same thing in both cases. I know this is a silly question but still sometimes thought comes to my mind, why should I spend money and time in visiting a place and staying there if I am able to see it virtually through videos and images?

    Well, I tried to answer find answers to it. One of the biggest difference is that we can feel the real environment and atmosphere by actually visiting the place which is missing in the so-called virtual tour. Another thing is that we get a break from our scheduled life and get a change in atmosphere and surroundings. The most important thing is that it gives a satisfaction to a person that he has been to the particular place. This satisfaction would not be there even if a person sees the place virtually through images and videos. There are many things which people do only for their satisfaction, isn't it?

    But yes, I do feel that in this online age virtual tours of places through images and videos have given an option to people who cannot visit them actually. Sitting in the comfort of the room we can get an idea of how the place looks.
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    Seeing the places through videos and images is considered a past moment as per me. Because a place can change its appearance and looks now and then and the images or video taken might be in a particular season. For example immediately after rainy season if you take video of any ridges and hallow mountain formations of Vindhayas, it gives the feeling of total greenery as if big trees engulfed the entire mountain region. Even Tirumala Ghat road looks like a mini water falls like scene here and there and the same scene cannot be captured during the month of summer or the winter. So if one goes to a place during that particular season to which it is famous, then the real tour is the best way to enjoy the nature to the fullest. Now a days people are photo shopping their photos with good locales and sharing in social media as if they gone there. That is fooling themselves.
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    It is like playing virtual games and playing the games really in the ground. The virtual tour will give you an idea of the place. We may not be able to visit all the place in the world during our lifetime. So by virtually going through the various places on the internet, we can decide the place to have a real visit. We can also decide the places which we can see when we go there also by having a virtual tour of that place on our computer. We can also use this facility for making our staying arrangements and travelling arrangements.
    Actually seeing the place is always a good experience than seeing them on the computer. When we go to a new place we can interact with the people there, we can taste the food there and also we can experience the atmosphere there. And another greatest advantage to the young people of these days is that they can have selfies with their cell phone, keeping the famous places of that area as a background.

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    Today we have facilities like the Skype, Facetime, video chats and the like which enable us to see and converse with our relatives and friends but can we compare it with the feeling we experience when we meet them personally and talk to them? I don't think so. Similarly, seeing a video of a place you would like to visit can never be compared with the experience of actually visiting that place. Visiting a place is not all about the visuals you get to see, it is the atmosphere, the weather, the people and their culture, the food and so many other things. The virtual world has got its limitations and can never be compared with the real world experiences.
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