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    Let us have more of these fusion menus!!

    Being a total one hundred percent vegetarian eating out -- often due to circumstances beyond my control -- is a big adventure in Chennai. I chanced to come across one such new restaurant just off Mount Road, and opposite the SIET college for women.

    What a superb experience that was!! The menu had a generous mix of dishes from all the five South Indian States. The Andhra type "kaara kuzhambu" ,which is a variant of the sambar tasted so well. Rice is served piping hot and we have too many varieties of pickles kept right on the table. In air-conditioned comfort, at just Rs.180 for the unlimited meal, getting to taste different varieties of dishes was a superb experience. The restaurant is superbly neat and clean and uniformed personnel keep on asking the customers what exactly they want. Since everything is unlimited, at the end of round two, one will be flat.

    I did give them suggestions on the combinations of menu for lunch. They do have a huge variety for dinner too. Let these types of restaurants open up everywhere!!
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    I think, it is a good lunch or dinner to taste the choice vegetarian food for Rs. 180/- is very cheap and reasonable. It is better than going to a restaurant for a buffet lunch or dinner in a metro which costs over Rs.500/- for a vegetarian or non vegetarian meal.

    Would like to visit the Hotel during my next visit to Chennai.

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    In Kakinada, the District headquarters of East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, there is a restaurant called Subbiah Hotel. This hotel is there from the lost 40 or more years. This hotel is almost the same type as described by the author. The hospitality of the suppliers there is very excellent. They supply food, again and again, as being done by our mother or wife in the house. They serve many varieties of foods in the lunch and the taste is excellent. We should taste this food at least once in a while when we go to that place. They supply food from there to many places in the two districts of the state. Now they started a branch of the same hotel in Kukatpally, Hyderabad. In this area of Hyderabad, many people who came from East and West Godavari districts settled. Hence I think he has selected that place in Hyderabad.
    A good lunch for Rs.180/- is very cheap. These days even caterers are charging Rs.200/- per meal. It is good if such hotels will become more in number so that a middle-class person can go out for eating without much hesitation.

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    Sir it is very near the Central Railway Station. Pl ask for any bus that goes towards Saidapet or Tambaram and pl do get down at S.I.E.T college. Pl walk towards the college. This hotel is near Mount Road, just off it. And bang opposite the SIET college. I do not know if I can mention the name here. Am soon writing an article on the subject and am sure I can mention the name there. It is a brand new hotel and pure vegetarian. It is air conditioned too.

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    Every one gets happy when we get good food, good taste, good varieties and yet affordable. Actually in many cities good restaurants are serving varied food, but we are ignorant of that as long as some one highlights the hotel through social media or some one close to us visit that place. In Hyderabad too there are authentic Andhra mess in Tarnaka area, where in food is served in Andhra style. On the way to airport from Hyderabad by car there is Nellorivari mess at Shamshabad which is full of new varieties from Andhra. You wont get seat to sit. So one has to go leisurely and not while undertaking flight travel.
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    Mohan Sir are these restaurants in Hyderabad pure vegetarian? If it is a mix of veg and non veg they might have common kitchen and that will not serve my purpose. If the restaurant is pure vegetarian that would be excellent.

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    Now a days many restaurants are bringing up new combinations of food items and variety to attract the customers.

    Some of their new experiments are failing but some are getting praise from the customers.

    In our country there are large number of cuisines which are varying from one region to another and there are enough fusion options available.

    It is the imagination and skill of a restaurant owner to introduce new fusion recipes to attract the people to their place.

    Knowledge is power.

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    AB Sivakumar,

    You can mention the restaurant's name in this thread. It is allowed and will not be considered as spam. We have had discussions in the past where members have mentioned the names of places where they have eaten a certain type of dish.

    The article can be submitted as a review of the restaurant. You could include photos of the interior and exterior of the restaurant as also of a dish you enjoyed if you have taken photos. Give the restaurant name, address and contact numbers at the end of the article with landmarks and how to go there.

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    Madam shall do so in the article. Have requested them to share photographs of the interiors. In the article I will give many details. The name of the restaurant is Dakshinapuram. This branch is not even one month old. Their OMR that is, Old Mahabalipuram Road outfit seems to have started years ago. They also collect feedback and suggestions from customers.

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    The hotel- industry can take different measures to woo the customers especially a new complex has been set up in a new city. They would like add new variants liked by the people of that localities and also the price involved of such items and above all a better understanding of the traits of the people helps the chains the grow substantially within a given time - frame.
    This industry must have the patience to how and with the adoption of certain measures applicable in the given area will flourish the Bussiness.

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    Two years ago, on a visit to Chennai, I visited Dakshinapuram located on OMR road. There was indeed a good variety of cuisine from the southern States of India. There was a thali on the lunch menu for Rs.135/-. I feasted on the Akki Roti. Others in our group ordered different dishes so that we could share and enjoy the varied cuisine.

    The restaurant was quite spacious and we loved the bright, cheerful decor, too, with art on the walls and quaint dancing figurines (the ones which shake their heads automatically with even a slight breeze.)

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Great to hear this Vandana. I have not visited this restaurant on OMR. Guess it is very much similar. Am waiting for the snaps. Shall give full details in the article soon. Chennai is also home to some superb fast food places. I should visit them and then give all the details. Thank you so much.

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