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    Why not give incentives to the cloth bag manufacturers?

    In Bangalore, it is wonderful to see the cloth bags being sold for just rupees eight or ten. Sometimes the really big ones get sold for Rs.15/. So, if one has done shopping for over Rs.500/-, this small expenditure is not great at all.

    One really wonders why this is still not followed in Chennai and other cities. The plastic menace should go. Similarly, the manufacturers of aluminium vessels may be given some given tax incentives just like the cloth bag manufacturers. Plastic has to go.

    The environmentalists should also petition the Government to do something. Unless this is done, the plastic menace cannot go. The aluminium vessels sold for very cheap prices will enable the poor and the middle classes to buy them for parcels from hotels. This is also a very urgent need.

    Let there be no GST on such manufacture. After all, the Government will only stand to gain when there are much better and neater environments everywhere.
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    Always it is not wise to spent a sum to get a cloth bag for each and every time we go to a shop. Thus the cloth bags will get accumulated in our home. It is for each individual going to the shop to ensure to carry a cloth bag with them. We should always have some cloth bags in our car or bike or scooter. Ladies can always carry a cloth bag in their hand bag or vanity bag to be used for unexpected shopping.

    A cloth bag, once purchased, lasts long for a long period. We can use it for years. We can also get our marketing cloth bags stitched by the tailors like our garments stitched. If required, we can buy strong and colourful clothes from the textile shop and get our marketing bags stitched. The bags can be washed and maintained.

    I agree that the cloth bag manufacturers and aluminium parcel material manufacturers should be exempted from taxes.

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    I think not the manufacturers but the users should be given incentive for using cloth bags. Why should we purchase a bag every time when we go for some purchases. Why can't we carry a cloth bag from the house when we go out for purchases. Even in the 1980s, all the people were carrying bags for purchasing vegetables and other items. But slowly these plastic carry bags came into the market.
    To bring that habit back, I feel the cost of this plastic bag should be increased to a high value so that people will start carrying their own bags.
    As mentioned by the author it may be a good idea to decrease taxes on cloth bags and aluminium material so that they will become cheap and taxes on plastic bags can be increased so that people will not purchase those bags easily. A shop owner in our area gave one cloth bag to all his customers and requested all of them to carry the bag whenever they come for purchases in their shop. I appreciate his initiative for avoiding the usage of plastic.

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