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    Overtaking for sure misery?

    Road rules have to be followed, no matter how big the rider of the cars or other private vehicles may be. Yet, in the metros like Chennai, we often find even two wheeler guys who try to overtake from the left, which is a clear violation of rules. They zip past the poor but more careful law abiding citizens, as if there was no tomorrow.

    It has even become more dangerous to see very young boys who could hardly be fifteen years old, drive motor cycles as they are thirty years old. The policemen are nowhere to be seen to stop this menace. Obviously, the boys do not have a valid license which makes it even more glaring.

    Why not award very strict punishment including jail for three months and a detailed report to the employer of these horrible drivers? At least, then, when they know that they will land in deep trouble, to tendency to break all rules may come down a small bit.
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    If any minor drives a vehicle without a valid license, their parents (Dad and Mom) should be booked and put behind the bars for a week without any mercy. They should also be fined heavily. The vehicle should be impounded. There should be no bail to come out from the jail. If this can be implemented as a rule, we can stop the young riders in future.

    If a major hired drivers drives a vehicle in a rash and negligent manner, their boss should be booked and put behind the bars for a week. No bail.

    If a husband drives a vehicle breaking the rules of the road, his wife should be booked and put behind the bars for a week. No bail.

    We should make stringent laws to ensure road safety.

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    Do we require more laws and rules in this regard or should the implementation be more stringent or should we become more responsible as to our civic responsibilities and behave accordingly to ensure that neither we nor others on the road become victims of not following the rule of the road? I think we need to feel responsible. Common sense, more than written rules, need to prevail in this case.
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    There are many laws but those laws are not being implemented seriously and in its true spirits. What is the use of having many rules in place if they are not followed? The 15 years boy is driving a two-wheeler. How did he get it? Why his parents are allowing that boy to drive a vehicle without a valid licence.
    Today morning I have seen a four-wheeler being driven by a 14 years boy. His brother who is around 11 years was sitting by his side. The mother of these two children was following the vehicle from a distance of 250 meters on foot. If anything happens how she can protect them? I don't understand. The parents should not encourage such things.
    The traffic police should punish the violators as per the law so that they will not do the same mistake again. But many of these people will never bother about these issues. This problem is there in almost all the places and people who follow the rules are becoming silent spectators before these people.

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    Overtaking has become a great menace in the big cities during peak hours. One has to keep mirrors both sides of the vehicles and watch the movement and drive with carefully , otherwise there are every chance of ramming from left side. And zig zag driving by youth with fast mode and heavy honking is also a big menace. Especially the motorcycles are remodeled with two silencers and the sound emanated while raising the speed would bring heart beats to the elders on the road. Unfortunately these gimmicks happen where there is no presence and the general public has to go through the ordeal.
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    Traffic violations are very common on the roads in our country and the defaulters are very confident that they will not be caught and even if they are caught, they will get away by paying some minor amount or a phone call from some influential person in the locality.

    There is no remedy for these mischievous elements as our governance in this regard is very weak. If these people are severly punished then others will learn a lesson but it is not happening.

    In some countries, the traffic regulations are very stern and governance is also very good so the people do not take chance in violating the traffic rules.

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