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    Wastage of food - what is the solution?

    The modern lifestyle has changed the ways we are consuming foods. Earlier, food was cooked as per the exact requirement of the people and nothing went waste. Even the unused food was consumed by kids as well as adults after a few hours as snack.

    Nowadays people prepare variety of food items and those who can afford, order it from outside. Partying is the order of the day.

    In the present environment a lot of food is wasted.

    At the same time there are orphans, destitute and poor people who are in want of food and do not get sufficient nutrition in their life.

    How can we connect these two? The surplus food and the needy ones.
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    In Hyderabad, a new Organisation came into existence. The objective of the Organisation is to see that the wastage of food is controlled. They have distributed pamphlets with their cell numbers to almost all areas in Hyderabad.
    During functions and celebrations, if there is excess, we can inform them by making a call to them. They will come and collect the food. This food will be distributed to the people who are in need of food. They will absorb the cost of transportation by themselves. It is a good initiative. I don't have any idea whether any such Organisations are there in other places. This is a good idea and we should encourage.
    In our houses also if we have excess food we should give to somebody who is really in need of it. But we should not throw it out. Near our house, we have a temple. There always we will find some beggars. If there is any leftover food in our house we will take it there and give to those people.

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    As far as possible one should not waste the food. I have seen small children coming to the functions and parties are also handling the plates individually without their parents notice and thus food is wasted. Children should be served the food by the parents and then they should eat. Buffet system controls the wastage of food generally but even in that people would waste the food as they take more food than required. Just because some has said in the same function that a particular dish is tasty and good, others who do not like would also taste. And especially the papad and puris or rotis are taken in more numbers and due to fan air, they are fallen and thus becomes waste and loss. We should think about others who are waiting to eat and give the space and also keep the food for them. If the invitees behave sensibly, nothing would be wasted.
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    1. The very first thing is no people is doing cooking in houses. Because of this they do not know the difficulty of preparation.
    2.Money is flowing in people's hands lavishly so that they do not care about the wastage. Actually they are wasting their money only in terms of food items.
    3.In Public feasts, when we do not want one item we should stop while serving. This is a simple but prime step to prevent wastage.
    4. I am seeing in the roads blasted chutney packets,sambar packets obtained from hotels and they mingle into muddy road without any use to anybody.
    5.In older days there was a practice of leaving some food remaining in the leaves as it would be useful for the street beggars and dogs. But nowadays no dogs or beggars eating the food items thrown into the dustbin.
    6.I am seeing bread packets, biscuits are found thrown in roadsides for dogs but no dogs are eating. They are getting smashed on roads along with dust and muddy sands.
    To avoid this type wastes:
    a. we should inform the packing person packing while buying from hotels to stop packing of unwanted chutneys etc.,
    b.When we sit before the leaf in the feasts we should tell the serving persons not to put by seeing the item if it is unwanted.
    c.As many people are diabetic, the sweets should not get served or can be taken separately in paper so as to take for house children or can be taken later.
    d.When sit with children in feasts we should prevent the server from serving whatever the item we found the children do not like or would waste.
    e.For ourselves we should get served in lesser quantity and if likes we can ask further without hesitation. The servers also should not hesitate to serve with care in order to prevent the wastage as the main people works hard in preparation. If their preparations tasted well by people is okey but wasted means their hard work get wasted in vain.

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    One solution which comes to the mind is reduce the number of items in parties and do not cook too much quantity.

    We can keep some back up items like bread and other readymade items which do not go stale. In case of little food shortage these back up materials can be consumed.

    Other thing is hotels and function venues can keep in touch with NGOs who can take the extra food to the needy persons.

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    There are few organizations dealing with the waste food in few of the states and they have installed community refrigerators with security guards, to look after it. They organize small sensitization programs to create awareness among people and making a little progress.

    The habit to waste food starts from childhood. There are many children whose parents have a trying time feeding them. They arrange few items in plates but most of them are wasted because of the stubbornness of the child. This may be natural for children of very tender age, but they have to be trained not to waste foods from childhood itself. If the habit remains, then it will be reflected in adulthood which is the reason for most wastage.


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    I also feel and second with Neeru that too many items should not be prepared. Invitees wont eat all the food and wastage in each variety is going to happen for sure. Let the items be less and in small quantity as per the expectations of the visitors and that would suffice the party demand too and no wastage. Moreover most of the invited guests wont each much and accordingly calculations has to be done and the food prepared.
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    Food is something which is a must for our survival. Perhaps, everybody work for food only. If the stomache is full then only we start thinking about a resting place, a house. Then comes the family and all other things. Hence without food nothing will work here. The life will be at a standstill.
    At the same time, if food is not distributed among everybody, issues start developing in the Society. The access to food become limited to some, while others will lose their freedom to take them. Unequal distribution of food make the Society divided.
    In a society where there is this division it is certain that wastage of food will be there. If I look back I recollect certain incidences. When my parents started staying in a new house in a new place (When our ancestral home and properties got partioned we moved to new place), we got a lady servant who was a widow and a mother of two children. The whole family depended on this woman and her income. So everyday she comes in the morning with her son. This was only to share the morning food which were given to his mother. The boy would take a portion of the food to his house for giving to his sister. The lunch also was shared like this. Seeing this my mother started to give more food to the servant such that each could fill their stomach. When I grew up I could see several families around there who had difficulties even to have one meal a day.
    Now when I see the food getting wasted, I just remember about those days and those people.


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    The wastage of food is very much controlled now. In our homes, we find that difference. With the gadgets like the refrigerator and electric oven, the wastage of food is very much controlled. Only on the occasion of functions like marriages, there may be wastage. At many places, interested people are forming groups and collecting leftover food from functions and hotels. They are repacked and distributed to the poor.
    The "Dabbawallah" of Mumbai are running a "Roti Bank" successfully by tying up with caterers, wedding planners, and food joints across the city. Their staff collects the leftover food from them and distributes it among the poor in order to make the best usage of food wastage. The consciousness among the public increased and they are doing their best. We find that the people going to restaurants are getting the leftover food packed to be used by themselves or giving it to others.

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    Food is not wasted at home. It is preserved and consumed. The wastage is only from the hotels and restaurants, and by the people partying. Hotels and the people arranging functions should have the contact with orphanages and the home for the destitute. The excess food should be carried and distributed to them.

    These days, there are places where we can keep our leftover excess food items for the needy poor who need them. there are also voluntary organizations which collect food and distribute to the poor. Unlike the olden days, I must say that wastage of food is under control now.

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