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    Why people enjoy in crowds?

    Most of the people enjoy parties where a good crowd is there. Many persons like to go to fairs where lot of activities are there and a lot of people visit.

    Similarly people like to go to crowded clubs and dance parlours. Even in religious places people like to go in crowds.

    How it is that crowd generates enjoyment and fun? Please give your comments.
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    If you are in crowd , surely varied types of entertainments like hooting, whistling, shouting and teasing would takes place and to these kinds of likes, people do visit the crowded places and enjoy. Even in movies, when the theater goes empty, people wont go to that movie stating that, there seems to be no enjoyment without crowd. Even while train travel too some have the habit of traveling in general coach just to have the company of the crowd because the passengers in reserved coaches would mind their own business and wont even talk to other passengers. Therefore some people like the crowd.
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    I think the other way round. If something is popular, people will try to go there and hence that place will become crowdy. If a movie is having good reviews people will go to that movie and hence there will be a rush for the tickets there. If a particular club or pub is popular people will go to that place for their time pass. So that pub or club will be crowded. Coming to religious places as more and more people come, that area will become crowded.
    So I think the popularity will bring more people and that will make the area crowdy.
    For political meetings, the leaders pay money to come and they will arrange transport. So many people will come there making the meeting well attended.
    I feel travelling in the General compartment for the sake of good crowds is not good. We will suffer a lot without even having a place for sitting and safety for the personal belongings also is less.
    In villages yearly, once the celebrations of the village Goddess will be organised. Those days we will see a lot of people coming there and the entire place will become crowdy.

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    A good question. We all have one thing in common. We all love to spend time with our loved ones and we also want to be alone. We are social animals. We like sharing our mind with someone. And only a pair only has so much to share. A couple will get saturate in no time. But a group doesn't. A group has different people and all have something to contribute. For a single joke uttered by you, some will laugh hysterically and some won't even smile. Such is the group dyamics. Biologically speaking a group offers a choice. You can choose different people to spend your time with. Not only that most interesting things happen in group. Maybe that's why its so fun watching a team sport than a chess match between two.
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    A crowd is the only place where we can make hue and cry without any inhibition. Going with the rhythm of a crowd is the real fun.

    I remember in our childhood we used to go to fairs very often and enjoyed it till late in the evening when our parents forced us to return back.

    The thrill of those visits is still fresh in my mind. A group is necessary to enjoy. Crowd is where you can overwhelm with pleasure.

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    In a crowd, we might meet our relatives, friends whom we haven't met for a long time, and might meet the neighbours who stayed with us. There are crowds that cannot be avoided viz. the temple festivals, marriage parties etc. There are avoidable crowds that I need not mention. While enjoying in the crowd, some one might lose their valuable items too. At times we lose our young children and get them after making loud speaker announcement. We lose our foot wears if we visit a temple festival.

    Crowd brings joy and happiness if we return home happily, and also sorrow and worries if we lose something in the crowd.

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    I do not like all crowds and all crowded places. But I certainly like certain crowds like Mumbai local railways station on normal days, certain fairs etc. Simply, a crowd that minds its own business. In such a crowd, I also feel a sort of confidence and mind my own business . Such a crowd is not an interference or intimidation to others, but a sort of self disciplined crowd.
    I gives a sort of positive anonymity. I like that. It makes me more energetic and positive creative. I have mentioned that earlier also in a few posts in relevant contexts.

    When I feel down a bit, I would regain my spirits after spending a few minutes in a Mumbai local railway station watching trains move and people board and alight. That brisk activity and minding one's own business recharges me with spontaneous energy and verve.

    Recently I was down due to ill health for a fortnight. I was in my low spirits while convalescing. Just to have a change, I travelled a few miles in a crowded bus, had food in a crowded hotel and returned. Definitely that brought some change in me and I felt my confidence and energy coming back gradually.

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