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    Why not have sustainable development everywhere?

    Sholinghur in Vellore District of Tamil Nadu could be an ideal example of sustainable development. There are three huge factories of an auto ancillary group and a few more small units of the same group, offering direct employment to over 2500 people and another ten thousand people through indirect sub-contract jobs. The service sector development is huge as well. However,the town itself has not grown beyond description retaining a balance between semi urban development and agriculture which is very rich in the surrounding villages. More so, where the ground water potential is huge.

    The disposable income feeds private schools in Chennai at the plus two level and flats and apartments in Chennai. Not many youngsters like to settle down here. So land values are still high but not unmanageable. The agricultural produce gets sold here itself.

    Why not have more of such sustainable development? Too much of industrial developments in metros will only bring in other problems like huge transport problems, water problems and so on.

    Do we really have any course on sustainable development? Our economic research institutes should do massive research on sustainable development and make solid suggestions for appropriate policy making.
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    There has been lack in progress in various areas of development in many places and that is why the locals raise issues now and then to garb the attendance. The Telangana was born due to neglect of state and center over the years and the locals got vex over the attitude and thus fought for separate state. The planners must identify the ways and means to have sustained development of every area. Center is giving LAD fund for each MP who must identify the ways and means to develop his own constituency. But that money is diverted and spent for other parties and thus the developments takes back seat.
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    As far as my knowledge goes there is no separate course on sustainable development. But as mentioned by you some economic institutes can make a study on the subject and come out with a master plan for this growth.
    When some industries come in an identified place the jobs for the locals of that area will increase. That will make the people earn and around that area development will take place. As long as those industries survive there the people will have jobs and they all will be happy there. Ancillary industries for the main industry will also come. I joined in a job in a remote place of Telangana in 1988. At that time that area was so backward and silent. But as that factory expanded, that village developed. Many people came and settled there. The Village has become a municipality and the area has become self-sufficient. Like this industrialisation will bring in sustained development in the areas located and allow people to create wealth. That is why more industries should come and jobs, directly and indirectly, should get created. This will make the country to develop.

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