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    Is the tamarind breeze all that harmful?

    For some specific reason, in the interiors of Tamil Nadu, the local municipalities have grown huge tararind trees and they are now the property of the State Highways department. They coordinate with the electricity department and cut the branches off and on to enable the electricity wires to be in the right places.

    These are huge trees. The canopy of trees is a treat to watch. The shade is outstanding and is a huge plus in summer.

    However, there are dissenting voices that claim that the tamarind breeze itself is so bad for health. Tamarind is a normal recipe that goes inside millions of Indian homes and possibly elsewhere too. What is the scientific reasoning and what can be done if they are indeed harmful?

    Members who know the scientific details may please explain.
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    This is a news to me. I never know that tamarind breeze is harmful. Tamarind itself is having many benefits. Even the tamarind leaves are used to make food with the doll which is very tasty. Tender leaves of this tree are mixed with a doll and cooked which will be very tasty and good as a side dish. Many medicinal uses are there for this fruit. Tamarind trees are very popular in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana also. This is an ingredient in many south Indian foods.
    It is for the first time I am hearing that the breeze from this trees is harmful. I will wait for the responses of the people who have a knowledge on this subject.

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    There is a belief that the evil souls, the so called ghosts, take shelter in Tamarind trees. Hence people are advised not to sleep under a Tamarind tree at night. Tamarind tree is a strong tree. There is a proverb praising the Tamarind tree branch. "Pidichalum pidichaan Puliam kombai pidichaan." It means - He caught hold of a wealthy person.

    The stem of the Tamarind tree is used by the butchers to cut the goats Mutton)and chicks(chicken) into pieces as the wood withholds the cuts with no much damage.

    @ I don't think tamarind breeze is harmful to health. It is a wrong belief.

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    Tamarind is actually good for health, in a little amount though. I don't believe that its breeze causes any kinds of problems. Maybe because I've lived my whole life amidst tamarind trees.
    But I'm still alright. When you say breeze, do you mean Tamarind could cause respiratory problems? That won't be true. There is not enough evidence that such problems can be caused by tamarind.

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    What I have been told by my elders that tamarind tree should not be there in the vicinity of any house as it may uproot the foundation of the building in the long run. And having a Neem tree is good for health. Just relax few minutes under Neem tree, you are bound to get good sleep within a while. And having a Neem tree is good for the house and it is the good omen against evil spirits. And during chicken pox, the Neem tree leaves play important role to control the itching sensation and also Neem leaves are laid as the bed to have comfortable sleep against any other diseases.
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