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    How can we make a significant dent in atrocities against women?

    In spite of so many checks and balances, with the city of New Delhi and in places like Ghaziabad, one does hear robberies and also atrocities against women. Delhi has the worst record in terms of safety of women.

    Hundreds of articles have been written and so many actions taken. But nothing happens. When the robbers come, unfortunately, the hold the inmates of the house at gun point and do all the harm. The CCTV cameras can be of no use in such situations.

    Why can't there be more of private patrolling by youth in such areas? The funding of such youth and training can be done through pooling of resources from each citizen of the area. These youth should be trained in all skills like karate, judo and so on and should be made to inform the police immediately as well as handle the robbers themselves.

    A lot more community participation is becoming necessary.

    What can indeed be done?
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    I feel providing training to the ladies for their self-help is the best course of action always. When something wrong is happening one should be able to protect themselves. Waiting for somebody to come and help may not be good and the individual may not have that much time also. So if the individual is able to resist for some time, it is better. By that time external help may come. So all the young ladies should think of getting trained in karate, judo and similar skills. It is always better to carry with them the chilli spray so that it will come for their rescue and the culprits may go away by having this chilli spray in their eyes. I have seen in some foreign countries many females carrying this pepper spray with them for their protection. The same can also be practised in India so that the ladies will have more freedom. Even in the houses, they should have these items handy so that they can face the culprits with courage.
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    A thought provoking thread by the author.

    The idea of community participation is all right but it requires help from Govt as well as cooperation from the citizen groups. Today there is so much unemoyment that many youths are turning to theft and other unlawful activities.

    Until unless the youths are engaged in some constructive activity, it is very difficult to have a safe environment for our citizens.

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    Good suggestion of community policing cannot be a lasting solutions to the menace. At the most the private policing may be restricted to the colonies , and there after what is the guarantee that security for the women would continue. If all the colonies form the community policing and keep vigil the movements of unruly elements , then there are every chance to contain the harassment of women. In fact TRS government hast to be complemented for introducing She teams , which are solely corner the road romeos, eve teasers and given complete protection to women especially those who work during night duties. Such police must be there in all the states.
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    Does the title of this thread carry a different meaning? The author may please check it out.

    As far as the thread is concerned, keeping the present scenario in mind, I don't think we should encourage community policing.

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    The title gives a totally different meaning other than what the author intends to convey. This may be corrected.
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    I just wanted the mistake to be realized. The title 'How can we make a significant dent in protecting women?' stands corrected now.
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    The cultural and educational development of the society is a must for bringing in good manners and creating respect for the women.

    The poor class which is deprived of so many basic amenities does not bother for manners and ettiquettes. There primary concern is bread for today.

    Some of them may go the extreme world of drug trafficking, thefts, burglaries etc as a means of livelihood.

    Can we provide them a better and respectable way of earning their livelihood or we just leave them on their plight.

    These are the things to be considered and resolved before we can dream of a society free from atrocities to women.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I have made corrections in the title of the passage. Yes, as pointed out by Ms Neeraj Bhatt, I think we need to give the women far more opportunities for earning more on their own. This will possibly give them the moral and physical power to tackle head on the atrocities against women, in any form.

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    Sivakumar, you did it wrong again. The same stands corrected now. The word dent in this context stands for reduction/ diminish etc.

    Members are requested to respond to the main thread and connected responses please.

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    In many cases, punishment is not meted out to the perpetrators of the crime against women. This is a very dangerous trend and plays a major role for increasing the rate of crime against women. In few of the cases, women themselves do not report the crimes to the authorities fearing backlash from the society. We should approach these women to make them understand the situation in a better way.

    I have found few men have the tendency to look down on women and they cannot tolerate their progress. They cannot see women as an equal participant in all the aspects and hence shows disrespect. Though these numbers, of men, are decreasing but still there. As long as the men are unable to see women equal in terms of daily activities , there will be a kind of intolerance. Though this has no direct bearing on the increase in number of atrocities against women, but shows a different attitude towards women.

    All women/girls must be trained since childhood to defend themselves in troubled situations. Parents should teach their children to treat girls equally in every field which will reduce many conflicts.

    As for private patrolling by youths of that area, the proposal though sounds good but not so easy to implement. There is a shortage of jobs everywhere and in many localities lots of youths will be available to do these patrolling, but that is not a permanent solution. Whenever they will get a job, they will have no time for patrolling. We need to develop a society where every criminal will be punished and all women will be well equipped to defend themselves against atrocities.


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