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    Why are these videos all around us?

    There is one very famous Tamil TV serial on the largest South Indian network across all languages in South India: Sun TV. Quite apart from the fact that the serial, on air at 8 PM, is more like a crime thriller, with all its twists and turns, there is a promo immediately released every night at around 9PM.

    While one can understand that the production house wants this to sustain interest, there are some ten different fellows who have their own You Tube videos giving their own version of what could happen the next day, based on the promo and the clues that they get there.

    Why are these fellows asking us to subscribe? How do they get paid for their fantastic figment of imagination and wild guesses? I just wanted to know what these guys are up to.

    However, it is amusing to read their perceptions of what will happen the next day. Most often, the opposite happens, eventually.

    Members kindly point out only one thing: how do these guys get money? Who pays them? Very few have advertisements as well. If the number of subscribers increase, how does this affect the money that gets paid to these guys? Who authorizes them to produce these "what could happen?" videos and it is actually free? That is, any Tom, Dick and Harry can enter this game?

    Are such videos there in other languages too?
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    I think for guessing right those video producers get paid. Now a days having own video channel on the Youtube gets paid through monetization process like the Google adsense. That means the videos produced should be own creation and that makes the owner to have access to Youtube paying mode. The more the views, the more the money is paid. And there is craze among Tamil audience to know what next and that brings them whole lots of hits within 24 hours and thus apart from wild guess entertainments , the serial TRP also increase and that is the wind fall earning for the television channel beaming it.
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    Depending upon the number of visits of various internet surfers in a youtube channel, there is a revenue earning scheme for the channel owner. More people see your video more you earn. This is the main motivating force for these people who are uploading all sorts of bizarre and unusual videos to attract the attention of the viewers.
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    Youtube is open to the public. You can have your own channel on this youtube. You can upload your videos here. The youtube management will pay the uploader based on the number of visits to this videos. More views, more payment. It is similar to Adsense payment. When you open a video initially you will get an advertisement and you can skip only after viewing the advertisement for a few seconds. More subscribers mean more revenue. That is why people ask for subscribing to their channels on youtube.
    The videos should be of your own and original and they should not be copied from any other source. Then only you will be allowed to post the video and you will be eligible for revenue sharing. Many short films are also uploaded here and they will get paid sufficiently.

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