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    Do you like to show your protest against the government democratically in tomorrow's Bharath Bandh?

    People throughout India are facing a lot of hardship with fuel prices rising to all times high. This finally affects all walks of their lives and they have to spend much more on their livelihood. Most of the people who work hard in private sectors or for daily wages don't get any extra money as their salaries but they have to spend from their own pockets. But the BJP government is not showing any mercy towards the people in controlling the hike of fuel prices on a daily basis. Ten opposition parties have called for a Bharath Bandh tomorrow to show the protest of the people against the apprehensive rise of fuel rates daily. Every citizen has the right to register their protest against the government.
    So do you like to express your protest in some form or the other? Or do you think it is okay even if the government increases the fuel prices further as it will help the government to build the economy of India? Or do you think that the government is acting inappropriately even though it has a fair chance to control fuel prices?
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    I will show my protest by joining the public. Government is minting money from the public by increasing the fuel prices on daily basis. While other countries have cheap fuel price, India has its abnormal price. There is a need to control the fuel price. The hike in fuel price should not be on day to day basis. Government should be taught a lesson to maintain a standard price without any increase or decrease. Let the fuel price not swing up down. Bandh is not a single solution to get the problems solved. But we will have to show our protest to the government.

    As I said in one of the earlier thread, let us not use our vehicles once or twice in a week. This will seriously affect the revenue to the government.

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    For our office there is no holiday declared and for my children also there is no information about shut down. That means we have to go against all odds. There seems to wider participation this time as even the ruling TRS party has joined here though they are the care taker government , but the government seems to be running. If the Petrol bunk and Banks would function as normal, then the work for all gets going. The situation in the first morning peak hour would decide whether to participate in the bandh or not . By the way this kind of protest wont bring any change in the government stance and we are making our own life miserable by participating in such bandhs. It seems the general shut down called not only against the fuel price increase but also many matters by Individual parties and thus people are also confused whether to participate or not ?
    K Mohan
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    Just now I had been to the main road to see the impact. Found that TSRTC buses, autos , taxis are plying normally and even petrol pumps are working. So Bandh impact is nothing.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Today our office is closed for a special holiday due to Bharath Bandh. So I am in the house only. My son came back from his trip today morning. He came home on an auto. It seems there is no impact of the Bundh on public life. City buses are running. Autos and Taxis are also running. Petrol bunks are also open only. Some shops are already opened. People are moving as usual. This shows that the public is not very much concerned about the hike in the petroleum rates. Anyhow, I am not going to use my vehicle and I will be in the house only. This is how I want to protest the price increase of petroleum products.
    I think the government should do something to bring down these prices. Otherwise, prices of all commodities will increase and there will be a huge impact on the middle-class families. All-State and Central governments should work out a formula and see that the prices will come down. But there are no such indications from the governments.

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    For many private vehicle users, fuel price hike is not a matter of concern. When they can buy a vehicle for many lacs, few pennies towards petrol cost won't be a problem to them. Hence they ignore such Bandhs called by the opposition parties who have no other work other than such strikes, hartals and bandhs.

    In metros like Delhi, Chennai, Calcutta, Mumbai, Bengaluru, a vehicle which supposed to give 20 kmpl, will give us only less than 10 kmpl, due to heavy traffic jam. The vehicles move at snail speed. So, Instead of 1 litre fuel, we need to spend 2 litres of fuel to commute to our office to a distance of 20 km. Does anyone think about this loss of cash?

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