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    Why the government and people neglecting Aurveda treatment and medicine?

    Ayurveda is one of the ancient medical system of Indian origin. But at present government and people neglecting this renowned system of treatment for various ailment. This system of medication known to be a natural system with no side affects. Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has found out in Rajasthan State 118 Ayurvedic government hospitals are there and the government is spending crores of rupees on it to run them. From 2012-17, 40 hospitals even not visited by a single patient. In 2016-17, in 76 hospitals even one single patient is also not visited them. Indian government is spending 2,655.98 crores on Ayurveda hospitals during 2012-17 and 90% of which on for the salaries of those hospital employees. Thus how the taxes collected from public are wated in India.
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    There is a ministry, named AYUSH dedicated to this particular cause that spends a lot of money for the development. I think the government needs to spend more on advertising these hospitals to attract patients there. We see various advertisements of hospitals, all of them offering allopathic treatment in different medias. Generally what we see and hear from other people let us to make a decision. Same is applicable here.

    There is a notion among many people and physicians that Ayurvedic treatment is of no use and doesn't work. As long as somebody is not trying this variety of treatment personally, this misconception will continue. Many dubious people sell products and medicines, labelled as Ayurvedic, inside trains and public transports. Since they are almost cheap many people buy them but do not get the promised benefits. This has made many people to think that Ayurvedic medicines do not work. There must be an all round effort to check the selling of dubious products and to make people aware of the benefits of original Ayurveda.


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    Ayurveda is the ancient medicinal system and it is widely spread in India. But in the 1980s and 1990s, this type of medicine has got a back seat and people started shifting their loyalties to Allopathy. Allopathy medicine got a wider publicity and people started using more and more allopathy medicines. But recently we are finding people having faith in Ayurveda also. The companies making these medicines are progressing well. The Government started many hospitals and appointed doctors. But as usual and like any other government hospitals these hospitals also are not serving the purpose and only doctors and other staff are getting their salaries. There are no corporate hospitals for Ayurveda. Even for Homeopathy also there are some corporate hospitals like Postive Homeopathy. But there are no such hospitals for Ayurveda.
    Ayurveda is the best method where the medicines will not have any side effects and it will permanently remove the problem. But it takes a little more time than Allopathy. The main issue is the lack of confidence in the people.

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    Though Ayurvedha has the power to treat even some chronic diseases, unfortunately no hype has been created by the concerned ministry or the Ayurvedic doctors who are well versed to treat any disease. In Hyderabad there is a government Ayurvedic Hospital at Erragadda and I have seen many people are taking treatment of Glucoderma and seems to be regaining their original skin. But this fact was not known to many who are suffering from this set back and having silent life much to their annoy. Even for ortho pains there are some good balms available but unfortunately people wont know.
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    Ayurveda is a lifestyle. It helps people to avoid diseases in future. It is more of a prevention and precaution type of thing that it emphasize.

    As far as the curing potential of Ayurveda are considered they are not like the modern medicine which has gone quite ahead in medicines and surgery. This is the reason why there is no crowd in Ayurvedic pharmacies.

    Govt is doing enough efforts and giving substantial grants but that is not going to help until people are convinced of the effectiveness and efficacy of Ayurvedic system.

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    In Kerala condition there is some difference. Ayurveda is in demand among many. There are several Ayurveda hospitals both in Public and private sectors, attached to Ayurveda colleges or otherwise. There are five govt. Ayurveda colleges while eight are under private sector. The private sector colleges are under the control of well established Ayurveda practitioners, which include Aryavaidyasala, Kottakkal, Ollur Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda college, etc. Several patients are going to these hospitals both as out patients or as in patients. In Govt colleges researches in Ayurveda system is also taking place. In some of the Private colleges also research wings are there. Most of them their own medicinal plants garden which provide them with necessary ingredients needed for preparing medicines.
    Thus in Kerala Ayurveda system of medicine is somewhat popular. At the same time multispeciality hospitals in modern medicines are competing each other, attracting patients from overseas, especially the Arab nations.


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    By the way I want to ask Sankaran as to why the Kerala Ayurvedic treatments are so costly ? In Hyderabad too we have so many clinics established but there are few takers ?
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    I have not made a comparison of the costs of Ayurveda treatments between different places. Hence I cannot give an answer to your question immediately. I have had undergone different treatments under this system. Even now my wife is taking certain medicines after consulting a doctor at a nursing home of Arya vaidyasala, at Kochi. There we used to visit occasionaly and consult the senior doctor. They do not collect any fee for registration or consultation. If we purchase some medicines from there, then we have to pay.
    Further, I am in connection with a few other Ayurveda nursing homes and oushadhasalas. I never felt the charges there are high.


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    For decades, Ayurveda in India was subject to neglect, lack of respect and lack of funding that naturally impacted the quality of its practitioners and its medicines.

    After gaining some popularity in the West, Ayurveda is now getting some regard and attention, but still much needs to be done to promote Ayurveda, fund it properly and revive its authentic ancient traditions like Pancha karma. Certainly the first thing is to raise the level of education, study and research into Ayurveda, and for Indians and the Indian government to promote it.

    But,as i am one of the people we are neglecting Ayurveda as it has serious side effects or defect in promoting Ayurveda by the government to the people.

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