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    What will be your role if ISC starts live telecast through a television network?

    Imagine ISC being telecast live on air on a TV channel? Which role would you eagerly take up? Share some creative ideas!

    In ISC, there are so many sections. The Forum is where we discuss different issues, it may be current affairs, a debate on a particular topic, politics and anything, within the stipulated guidelines. In Articles section, you will find different informative articles, there is Ask Experts section, Information updates, Exams and so on. It has even more sections than a newspaper and there is no dearth of talent in all these sections. Now suppose, ISC is planning to telecast all the sections live through a television channel. Though it is my imagination, I think it's absolutely logical to think in this way. So what role would you wish to play there?

    The editors are there and will play the major role in telecasting all the programs. Since it will be dealing with current affairs, there must be a news section and news readers will be required. For any debate, moderators will be required. Likewise, different members will be assigned different roles.

    As for me, I would like to be the Kolkata correspondent. Do you think it is logical? Then share your views.
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    Quite a creative idea!

    I would love to be behind the camera for the forum section, focusing my lens on the speakers (forum participants) discussing a topic. I would try to capture the subtle expressions and gestures, too, working in tandem with the sound recordist in such a way that the play of tones in a voice, perhaps a suppressed laugh, also are not missed.

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    I may be interested in being the correspondent for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. I will try to be a moderator in the forum discussions and I will also try to participate in the forum discussions. If any special issues on my favourite subject Chemistry, I will try to participate and contribute in that line. I will also become a good audience for the programmes telecasted by the ISC and try to learn many new things and Ideas.
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    It's all the way different in concept & seemingly less imaginative initially but it would be revolution in its kind that the members being behind the desktops giving their responses would be observed by the audiences too who is not part of the ISC team. Could prove worth of with an addition & chances of more publicity but seem not prepared enough to go about it.

    But as a new to this kind the ISC team & we can settle for a video conferencing being administered through the ISC team only. This would be consisting of any members interested to be ready with their PC or with the laptops at any point of time that we agreed upon & better if we could decide of any holidays so that we get the maximum presence. The topic can be chosen randomly or what being preferred by the members. Yes this is possible & we should go ahead with it.

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    It is really an interesting forum,
    I am interested to playing the role of an anchor who will explain everything about latest job notifications including state level and national level vacancies

    Phagu Mahato
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    Quite interesting.
    I will be the boss of ISC's KBC programme scheduled to be conducted every Saturday and Sunday. Apart from ISC members, I will also call up and select the personnel from outside for the show. For this, an ad will be placed "Join ISC, participate in KBC to win prizes. Many new members would join ISC after the ad. The cash award may not commensurate with AB's KBC, but as desired by WM Timmy John who handles the Finance department of ISC. I will have to work hard to prepare the necessary questions from A to Z. It would help to enhance the GK and IQ of ISC members.

    I might modify the title KBC as Kaun Banega ISCpati. I will continue with my fun affairs at ISC.

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    Wow for many days I have been longing to talk live about the forum topics and this thread proved that there could be possible like what the author thought. Many members were casting doubts as to how I give so many replies to many forum threads that keep popping in and if the live telecast is done, I can show my profess on talking too on any topic asked impromptu. And I will take the opportunity to be live at 4 am and want to see how many members could be on live along with me. Nevertheless the idea was mind blowing and wish one day ISC starts it own educational channel for the benefit of all.
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    An interesting idea indeed. Ask experts and forum will be like today's news debate windows. Articles can be thought of as...well articles. Quite an interesting idea and your perception of acting as a newsreporter too adds upto to it quite nicely.
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    It will be a very interesting thing to participate in forum discussions in a live mode.

    The modalities can be worked out later but the thrill of joining a program and quickly responding to the subject matter is really very thrilling.

    Editors will also be having a bigger role as they will have to act online in a live mode.

    Today it seems an imaginary idea but who knows it may come true one day. I wish ISC to progress in leaps and bounds and reach that stage of real time interaction between the members and the audience.

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    I was just wondering if a GD topic was given on politics and who shall respond and sustain with the performance. I am sure politics is not that easy to discuss. Surely I will be discussing more on that.
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    Discussions being the most sought-after program in 24x7 Channels these days, I think I would opt to be an anchor moderating discussions on different topics. Being ISC channel, I am sure I won't be allowed to shout and dominate like the anchors in the normal channels, but I would function as guided by our administrators. In addition, I won't mind being a part of the panel that would be selecting and structuring the programs.
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    Saji what I feel that instead of anchor , you must be a participant on various topics that would be discussed. Because you have the potential to provide additional information on topics raised.
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    It's good

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