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    Why to wait for that last minute?

    Many people have a habit of delaying the things till the last moment and then they are in a hurry to do it in time.

    This makes the whole time table in shambles and most of the time these people suffer due to their habit of attempting the things in last moment.

    What is your thinking on this?
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    It is really a bad habit. Keeping the things pending till the last minute will make the other associated members also confused. Some people intentionally delay the things. One of my ex-colleagues was having this habit. He used to keep everything pending till the last moment. At the last minute if any problems come he used to manage by throwing the blame on somebody else. Many people suffered due to this habit of him. I used to alert him and his higher-ups also but he never changed his attitude.
    In some cases, people will have multiple tasks in hand and they will try to complete all the works in time but due to the pressure of work, they may be not able to finish the work till the last moment. A proper planning and having a clear roadmap for completing the job will he,p the people to avoid last moment hurry. But if we don't plan the things based on the priorities we will end up with last minute problems.

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    Few got lack of resources & therefore they wait to have the proper resources for implementation & few are habitual of delaying the things & then do many things altogether resulting in nuances & disturbances in their life. The major reason can be defined as not to priorities the tasks or the jobs in advance or in simple language, the people haven't understood the importance of improvisation & its implementation into their lives.

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    When you have some task to do, you have to know the process of doing that task in details. If you are not sure then you need to consult with somebody who has done it earlier or you need to follow the guidelines. Delaying things for the last moment is a strange habit and I have found many people who are over-confident follow this tactic. They think its a matter of few moments and things will be done well within time. Ultimately, things go out of control and all of the persons associated with the works suffer. A perfect sense of timing with adherence to the process of any job is required to avoid this strange habit.

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    Neeru Bhatt,
    What you said can be said as 'Procrastination' . It is delaying or postponing action. A thread was raised on this subject by Mr. Partha few weeks back. I don't remember it.

    Also read this Article of AB Sivakumar.

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    It varies from individual to individual. There are some people who always keep sufficient margins. They reach Railway station or Airport much ahead of time and in fact wait for things to start.

    Some people consider it as wastage of time.

    I believe that planning a task well ahead is a good habit and it helps us a lot and avoids many inconveniences which suddenly arise because of the delaying of things. Successful people never delay their tasks.

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    There is a famous proverb " Stitch in time , saves nine " that means we have to attend the problem at the very sight of it , otherwise it become more cumbersome and taxing and also affects larger number of people. Only two days back a snake entered the santum sanctorum of Vijayawada Kanadurga temple and by the time the authorities could call the right persons to catch the snake, it went hiding and could not be traced so far. Had the employees who were seen the snake at first site take remedial action, the snake could have been safely removed from that place. But laxity on the part of the employees who insisted for a snake catcher has delayed the matter and the snake gone missing. Now see the plight of the pilgrims who have to move with caution and many are staying back without darshan and even Pujari has to think twice to perform rituals.
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