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    Why potato (Aaloo) is given preference in all the dishes we make?

    I love and like Aaloo (Potato). It is a tasty vegetable to consume. But I find much importance is given to potato. Whatever dish we have, we find potato in it, especially in hotels and restaurants.
    1. Samosa contains potato
    2. Aaloo parotta contain stuffed potato.
    3. Apart from potato as an independent dish, we have
    a. Aaloo Baingan
    b. Aaloo Gopi
    c. Aaloo Palak
    d. Aaloo Bindi
    e. Aaloo Paneer
    f. Aaloo Tomato
    g. Aaloo Mutter
    And much more to add with othervegetables in the list with Aaloo as a prefix.

    These varieties are found only in the North India. In south, no such preference is given to Aaloo to get mixed with other vegetables. Why this special treatment to Aaloo alone?

    Can the members explain the reason, please?
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    Potatoes are starch balls. Literally. With a little potato you can give yourself a good amount of carbohydrates and fats. So naturally, when famine hit India and China in 16th century we were introduced to potatoes by Portugese, who found it in Americas. The nutritious value of potatoes quenched hunger of millions in those days. And then, Mughals found potatoes go all too well with meat. Once a substitute for staple rice, potato even saw its place in royal kitchen. Then in 18th century, aalo became an integral part of Indian society because working class Indians needed heavy food.

    Also aalo mostly made of water blends with any kind of vegetable or meat. It has a really interesting history.

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    I think since potato can be eaten in any season. It is easily available and so people prefer eating it most of the times. As Aditya already mentioned they are a good source of carbohydrates. Adding them to any vegetable makes the other vegetables more tastier.
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    Potato is a good food item. Cooked potato is nice in taste and can have variations by mixing different spices to it.

    It is available in abundance and can be mixed with any vegetable. There are people who like it so much that they can not imagine a vegetable without it.

    It is a good source of carbohydrate and gives a sumptuous filling also. It can be meshed in vegetables to make thick curry.

    It is a versatile food item. That is why it is so popular.

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    Potatoes also store well and are available all around the year. Homes generally have a stock of aloo and pyaaz (potato and onions). Potatoes are versatile and can be cooked in various ways. You can boil them, fry them, bake them and stuff them. You can use them on their own or combine them with other foods.

    The best thing about this vegetable is that it complements other vegetables. Potatoes do not have an overpowering flavour or aroma and easily blend with other veggies and meat, soaking in the juices and spices of the other ingredients.

    And potatoes are popular all over the world. They are a good source of nutrients. They are easy to digest and boiled and mashed potaoes can also be fed to babies.

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    What I feel that potatoes are most preferred vegetable among the Indians for big reason that it mixes with many other curries and also can be made solo. For example potato and onion goes well with taste. Potato brinjal is also another good combination and who can say no to Potato capsicum fusion. And even the solo curry made my smashing it gives greater taste. And that is the reason being so even Kirana shops would have the stocks of the potato in plenty and there wont be any shortage of this particular item. All the children like potato and they wont waste it too.
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    Potatoes are available in all the seasons and even if you keep them in room temperature also they will not get spoiled easily. We can store them for a long time. That is a big advantage with this item and you can get them even from the Kirana shop near your house. You need not go to market for purchasing them.
    The making of food with this item is easy and quick also. If an unexpected guest comes to our house the curry which can be made quickly and serve is Potato. Potato and onions fried together and sprayed some chilli powder will taste good and it will be crisp if we eat it hot. Like this many other varieties can also be made with this. Some people boil these potatoes in water. Then they will remove the skin and eat as it is.
    But they are very rich in Carbohydrates and too much eating may increase your weight. Another disadvantage with potatoes is they contain copper and too much consumption of potatoes may increase copper levels in the body which is harmful to our health.

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