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    Indian Avocado mystery!

    Avocado is a highly nutritious fruit. It is widely available in India. Sometimes, it is called common man's fruit.
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    Wow is avocado that cheap? I never came across it. I will definitely try it. But I guess I wouldn't know why is there a colour difference in juice. Maybe it has to do with the breed. Maybe one is organic and other is artificially adulterated. I'm only guessing.

    Thanks for giving me this new info.

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    Avocado, a common man's fruit, well that comes as a surprise to me. Avocados are really expensive, selling at Rs.80 – Rs.100 apiece and this is the price for a medium-sized fruit. The rate per kilogram is around Rs.480. I paid this price for it, just yesterday.

    Avocados are no doubt good for us, with a good amount of healthy fats. It is consumed regularly in my home. I use it in salads, or mash and season it, to make a sandwich spread and of course guacamole.

    I have not heard of avocado juice. Is it juice or is it a smoothie or a shake?

    The avocado flesh is green closer to the skin, the rest of it is generally much lighter, more yellowish than green. The shops might be adding food colour to the juice. Also, the fruit oxidizes and turns brown easily. You need to add lemon juice to it, for it to retain its colour.

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    Avocado, the butter fruit juice is available in juice shops for Rs. 30/- I tasted it last year in Bangalore. I don't remember the colour of it. It was tasty. Let me go to the same shop to have a check and report in this thread. Also, I will enquire about its green colour.
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    A good information for me as I have not taken the juice of Avocado.

    The juice seller may be mixing salt or lemon or some other material to retain the green colour.

    It is not a common man's fruit. The price is on the higher side. The juice sellers may be mixing some water with it and then sell to us.

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    The content is copied verbatim from the following site - .
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    I have never tasted this juice or shake, whatever it is. But I ate the fruit many times. We can't use one fruit completely one time. Hence we may store the pieces. if you store the outer layer will become brown due to the oxidation with oxygen available in the air. When you store the pieces if you apply a little lemon juice coating over the surface of the piece the colour will not turn brown and the juice will also maintain its original colour.
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    Even I don't think Avocado is a common man's fruit. I have known it to be very expensive and actually, beyond the reach of the common man. I have tasted it as such but have not come across avocado juice in my part of the country.
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    Just for my information and to the knowledge of other members please share the image of the fruit so that we can also try the juice and report the exact color of it.
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    Mohan, sharing a picture might help you to recognize the fruit but to try the juice and report the color, you have no other way but to get hold of a few. Please visit a supermarket near your place or a good fruit stall.
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    I have heard and tasted avacado the butter fruit, but never seen it. Here is the image of it. I searched and got.

    Courtesy shuttercock for the image.

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    I believe that Mohan could/should have Googled the image. But, since members have been asked to share an image of the fruit, I am sharing a snap that I just clicked, of the Avocados I bought on Sunday. The green one is hard, and still raw, while the reddish one has just begun to ripen and will be ready to be eaten tomorrow.
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